Which is better, Mario Kart Wii or Mario Kart 7?

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User Info: PrincessTsuki

3 years ago#11
kenff6 posted...
I can't handle Mario Kart Wii. I feel like I'm constantly being hit with weapons (especially those POW blocks) to the point that it doesn't even feel like a racing game.

There were weapons in the other games but it wasn't a constant barrage of carnage like in Wii.

Maybe it's just you, and there's a way to dodge the POW Block.

User Info: Mobius1Rising

3 years ago#12
By Pikachu's ass why no MK64.
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User Info: jillwarren

3 years ago#13
I liked the new courses I'm Wii better than 7. I also had a harder time with the AI in 7. Both are great games though, I'd seriously get both.
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User Info: RogueStatus28

3 years ago#14
7's the best, Wii's the worst.

User Info: Dersu_Uzala

3 years ago#15
iphys posted...
Get MK7 for the 3D and the fact the wi-fi isn't about to die in a month.

People are already working on measures to keep the wi-fi going for MKW.

User Info: NeonYoshi11

3 years ago#16
Mario Kart 7.

MK7 is possibly my favorite Mario Kart game of all time, but Mario Kart 64 probably still holds that spot.

* Best looking MK7 game
* Introduced Hang Gliding = lots of fun
* Great track selection
* Really good Retro track selection
* Solid amount of content.
* Fun Multiplayer against humans or ai, in races or battle mode
* Really solid music for most of the tracks

I've played MK64 the most, but having this game on handheld just makes it that much cooler. It's also a very quality game with does exactly what it's supposed to do and it controls amazingly.

User Info: NovaLevossida

3 years ago#17
Mario Kart Wii was the only game I've played that legitimately has made me angry. I sold it because it really did piss me off.
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User Info: the_cajun88

3 years ago#18
Mario Kart Wii is fun.
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User Info: StarmanJunior64

3 years ago#19
Found 7 didn't really break any new ground, nor did it have memorable courses. Not bad, but I'd definitely go with Wii.
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User Info: DarkLink89

3 years ago#20
MKW was the worst game in the series by far. I can't believe people actually find it enjoyable. The game is just broken in all aspects from vehicles, to characters, and of course, items. I don't care how many modes or characters a game may have if the actually basics are horrible.

MK7 on the other hand is probably one of the best ones in the series. Good balance and I skill actually prevails over luck most of the time. People with low skill/VR barely sniff the top 4 in rooms with good players. Items are also a hell lot more balance, and best of all, you don't lost your items after getting hit. Oh yeah, not getting blue shell every 10 seconds is awesome too.
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