Hex Heroes' Final Hours

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User Info: Spookyryu

3 years ago#61
81 at this moment what are the chances to get until 90k?

User Info: MineralPlusBox

3 years ago#62
Is this game multiplayer only ? Might be why it's a "hard" sell.
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User Info: Kromlech06

3 years ago#63
Spookyryu posted...
81 at this moment what are the chances to get until 90k?

After these last kickstarter hours are up, they'll probably accept paypal donations for a while afterwards (and still honor all the reward levels for those donations too). I'm sure there'll be an announcement of their plan once the kickstarter ends.
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User Info: felipin24

3 years ago#64
king_madden posted...
felipin24 posted...
king_madden posted...
kickstarter proves devs are brilliant.

-"tell them everything they want to hear"
-"get gamers to pay for the things they hate about gaming".

Sorry, I didn't get the post. What do you mean when you say "get gamers to pay for the things they hate about gaming"?

Edit: I meant to say "for"

-Gamers complain about preorders, but then gladly pay for a kick starter which is basically a poor way to preordering.

-gamers complain about dlc but have no problem " donating" extra for what will be dlc content when the game comes out.

-gamers complain about on disc dlc, and say it should've been included in the game, then turn around and be all for kick starter dlc that is planned before the game is even made. How is their dlc different than big devs dlc? A big Dev says the same thing and are bashed, an indie Dev says it and you buy the game a while before release?

-gamers complain about a game delayed for a couple months but then will gladly buy a kick starter that won't be out for a year+. That one is a stretch, but the way I see it, you still see a game and get hyped for it, and still have to wait. Its just with one you think its coming soon and then you gotta wait a Lil longer, and the other you're paying for something you will probably forget about the game by the time it comes.

I understand where you are coming from, but I see kickstarters a bit differently.

The indie devs produce an idea and then try to sell their idea. If you like it and believe its a good idea, you back it. If not you just ignore it. Also even if you back it, there is a chance that not enough people will, in which case the project will not be funded and you will not be charged. So really the risk, although it exists, it's very calculable.

Also kickstarters give me the chance to be involved in a game in a way no AAA game can. It is a small vanity lol
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User Info: king_madden

3 years ago#65
I understand how it works I'm just saying, you're preordering an idea, if it gets close to release and its not what you expected can you get your money back?

I see why some do it, just saying it contradicts what some of the same people complain about games from bigger devs.

User Info: Spookyryu

3 years ago#66
its done, the game did it, almost got it to 90k lets hope they stretch their goals

User Info: SuigintouEV

3 years ago#67
Bongbuddy posted...
That's right Wii U owners. Give thousands of dollars to some guy who wants to make a really boring looking game just because he says it will actually use the gamepad. Let's hope he doesn't scam you all, and you don't hear about this game until 2 years later when he says he ran out of money and he's not releasing the game.

Man it would suck if my fifteen dollars don't come back to me two years from now. I should cry about it.

SSJ4CHRIS posted...
I don't back kickstarter in general. I don't back exclusives in particular. Why should I pay for the game for the devs if they can't offer a choice in platforms?

Exclusivity has a few advantages

1) Less resources spent optimizing for different platforms
2) In this case for example, the game concept is pretty focused on the GamePad features

king_madden posted...
At the end of the day game dev costs money. The only thing different between a kickstarter and a retail game is "who" is shelling out the money - a publisher making an investment with the hopes of profiting off the end-user, or the end-user making an investment with the hopes of getting a great game.

I don't fund kickstarters left and right, but it's fun to shell out 15-20 bucks for a game that has something to offer... it shows that certain genres can survive without relying on mainstream ideas.

I wouldn't expect people with less expendable money to make the same investment; but that doesn't make me "stupid" or whatever the implication is.

While I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm an aspiring game dev, I have always felt like I could make an excellent game. The reason I veered away from the industry in the early 2000s was because of how commercial it had gotten - I thought that if I landed an industry job I'd be some bottom-tier programmer making sports games or FPS that I detest. If I had known that indie companies like this would kick off (er.. "kick start") I'd probably be in a different career path... it was never about the money but it was definitely about the creative role.
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