YR: Pokemon Kart Racing?

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User Info: cyberwarrior94

3 years ago#1
Ok so I was on YouTube watching a video about all the Mario kart 8 footage and saw a lot of comments on how it was the same thing. Then I played Pokemon Conquest and it hit me, what if there was a Pokemon Kart Racing game? I thought the idea sounded pretty cool, have a select amount of Pokemon whom are fan favorites from each get duke it out on race courses based on landmarks from each region (Ex. Mt. Coronett, Luminoise City, and Sky Pillar). Each course can have hazards like Wailord making waves on the tracks. Item boxes would be Pokeballs that give you either 4 moves depending on the Pokemon type, a voltorb (you can guess why) and what not. IDK if it would work, but it sounds fun, but I wanted to see what others though. Would you guys like a game like this? Comment and discuss if you like this idea or what would you like? Feel free to express and stuff. Hope you guys are not pissed at the long post or meek back story at the beginning. Cheers!
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User Info: lazycomplife

3 years ago#2
There should be a pokedex that lists every pokemon you've raced against, then you can challenge each one you've seen to a race individually in order to recruit them to your roster, which puts a pokeball over that pokemon in the pokedex, indicating you caught it. The rarer the pokemon, the harder it is to recruit (better AI controlling it).
Would be awesome.
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User Info: SegavsCapcom

3 years ago#3
This isn't Stadium 3!

*flips table*
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User Info: muffinmasher

3 years ago#4
As long as it was different enough from Mario Kart, i'd totally be into it.
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User Info: CubeTV

3 years ago#5
"Another game not coming to the Wii U" would be my first reaction.
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User Info: cris1ussen

3 years ago#6
Actually... its not a bad idea!, it can have a great rooster of characters, can have power-ups tied to "strong/weakness" of the pokemons (in an example a fire item can slowdown for more time a leaf pokemon than a water one) and can have other interesting features

Also it can sell very well
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User Info: Terotrous

3 years ago#7
You'd have to find some way to maintain the "collect and battle" aspect of Pokemon, because that's what makes it popular.

With a racing game, there's really only two things you could feasibly collect - racers or car parts. Car parts is Choro Q's schtick, and it'd be weird here (you got Pikachu Tires!), so in this game it'd almost certainly be racers. You can't create 150+ different stat arrangements that are meaningfully different from each other, so I figure each one would be some combination of type + weight, and they'd have access to different weapons (aka, moves) based on which Pokemon they are.

I think you'd also probably want some way of allowing you to use more than one in a race, otherwise the huge number of racers is kind of a waste. Perhaps you have a certain total amount of health, and if it runs out, you have to switch to a different pokemon to keep going, probably with some loss of time there. Perhaps you could go through a pit lane to change at your discretion (without losing time) as well.
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User Info: Maverick_Reznor

3 years ago#8
How many Pokemon have thumbs?
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User Info: pokemega32

3 years ago#9
No karts, but...

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User Info: _Five_

3 years ago#10
I think I'd prefer playing Pac-Man World Rally for a week straight than playing a Pokemon kart racer.
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