Your predictions for the Quality of Life console.

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User Info: bartz90

3 years ago#31
My prediction is its not a console and will have nothing to do with games. It would only replace Wii U in the sense that they hope this will make the money they hoped the U would.

Just today I saw the article in which Iwata talks about the importance of Nintendo not being stuck to making games and games only.

User Info: GuyFawkes5

3 years ago#32
life console?...
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User Info: Lefty128k

3 years ago#33
NIKE just stopped producing electronic fitness hardware. They're only doing software now.

Makes you kind of feel like this isn't the time for another fitness device.
"We feel that the average game player is not mature enough for a 16-bit system"
-Nintendo (1988)

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

3 years ago#34
Tadamoto6 posted...
Waste of money. That I wouldn't spend one brown cent on. Nintendo needs to release a real console. Like that fusion rumor from a few months ago.

That's probably going to be the basis for the next gaming console after Wii U. They see that DLC is making them money and online is necessary, so they will arrive late to the party as usual and do next gen what the competition already did 2 game gens ago.
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User Info: RedCubix

3 years ago#35
I just don't get it.

What gives people any faith that Nintendo, a company that nigh single-handedly salvaged gaming from utter ruin and has much more experience in it than its competitors, will be able to succeed in a highly competitive red ocean that is QoL for which they have no experience in whatsoever when they can't even succeed in the field they helped found? Am I missing something?

Iwata dislikes and has admitted himself that Nintendo's "poor at competing", yet now he plans to create a third pillar in the bloodiest ocean out there and be wildly successful?

I don't buy it. Nintendo is perfectly capable (MORE than capable) of wiping the floor with its rivals in the gaming arena. It has billions in the bank with no debt, an amazing legacy stretching back to the eighties (and other companies' properties to use as well....Sega, Neo Geo, TG-16) it could capitalize upon, some of the greatest, most legendarily creative minds and talent at its disposal, and a treasure trove of golden IPs. Things that I've no doubt Sony and MS would absolutely kill for.

Yet they're still losing. BADLY.

Forgive me for not being very optimistic about the success of this new venture when a gaming company that has all the above gaming resources and know-how is still losing billions over a period of only a few years. The reason Nintendo is failing is not because it's doing everything right but they're simply in the wrong market, it is due to rampant incompetence. That's going to follow them no matter what they try or where they go until they have a managerial shake-up that removes many at the top.

I don't care what Nintendo attempts, I think until Iwata and his crew leave or are demoted, it doesn't matter. If having all that resource and potential at your fingertips yet still failing so tremendously hard is not indicative of a mind-boggling degree of incompetence, I don't know what is. Honestly, you'd have to TRY to fail. How much more can you give people and still have failure? It's insanity.

Nintendo's problems are entirely internal. Until that changes, nothing else will. I expect this QoL to fail, and fail hard.

User Info: Dersu_Uzala

3 years ago#36
Slow clap for RedCubix, best post I've seen about Nintendo's situation in a while. I don't see the company lasting more than another decade in its current state, and that's being REALLY generous. Five years is more like it. Nintendo will either be gobbled up by a bigger corporation, or go third-party and develop for mobile (No way in HELL they could handle PS4/Xbone development). If they're too proud or incompetent to allow either of those things to happen, they'll just die and all of their IPs will fall into someone else's hands anyway.

Iwata should have been forcibly removed from the company years ago.
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