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User Info: kaliskonig

3 years ago#1

And which characters do you feel they should use to represent them?

Also, I am not asking what 3rd party rep you feel should be in this game specifically but which do you feel would have a welcome spot some time down the line.

- Sega: Sonic is in and of course that is the right choice

- Capcom: Mega Man is in and that is who I would have picked anyway.

- NamcoBandai: They have always had a decent relationship with Nintendo. They are helping with this game so Pac-MAn would be a great choice.

- Konami: Honestly Konami's rep in Brawl should have been Simon Belmont and not Snake imo. However now that they completely own Hudson that rep should be changed to Bomberman. Any gamer knows that Bombermans main home has always been with the Nintendo brand. like 85% of his games are Nintendo exclusives.

- Square-Enix: Square has had a nice relationship with Nintendo for quite some time however their Nintendo focus has mostly shifted to their handhelds. People constantly request the likes of Cloud or Lightning. Those guys do not represent Square or Final Fantasy as a whole. I do think the idea of Black Mage is cool, but I do not understand the basis of his requests so I can't speak on him. If Square was to get a rep I could see it being Chocobo. The chicken has his own line of games and he is considered a mascot of square along with Slime and Moogle.

- Disney Interactive: Disney Interactive has never shown any bias towards a specific console it seems. They support Nintendo as much as any other console. However they do not have many characters that are recognizable that originated from video games besides Sora. Yes Sora of Kingdom Hearts is under the Disney Interactive Banner and not Square like a lot of people seem to think. If DI got a rep it would have to be him. I could be wrong about the rights towards the KH characters but I do believe this is accurate last I heard.
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User Info: Bongbuddy

3 years ago#2
I think Dolan from Kingjum Harts should get in.
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