why do you think wonderful 101 sold so little?

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User Info: DBPanterA

3 years ago#121
I loved the Wonderful 101 and still believe it is the best retail game on the Wii U. It offered literally hundreds of hours of play,

However, Nintendo shot themselves in the foot by releasing a Wind Waker HD bundle (as well as the game) 3 days later. For someone like myself who had played Wind Waker on the Gamecube 10 years earlier, as well as Nintendo consoles being indestructible, there was no reason to purchase the game again.
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User Info: Reginleif20

3 years ago#122
slymshady posted...
Mediocre scores....Game was garbage

Says the guy who believes "pro reviews"
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User Info: lilburrito

3 years ago#123
Both the lack of marketing and the supposed "Saturday morning cartoon vibe" that this game gave off to anyone who decided to give it a look. And you know people and their unwillingness to give a "cartoony game" a try. It's quite sad really. The reviews also contributed to it as well.

And to be honest, I absolutely hate the fact that it sold so abysmally. I think this is a game that deserves to be in every action loving gamers library! Sure "at first glance", it may look like your run of the mill "Saturday morning cartoon game", but through it's exterior lies a very well polished, brutally epic and extremely fulfilling experience ( My opinion ). It made me feel like a kid again, whenever those moments came in which I'd be "That's so cool" or simply " Holy **** that's awesome!" Where everything felt so grand and new and you just can't wait to see what happens next!
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User Info: EinhanderZer0

3 years ago#124
Based on my experience with the game, it feels like it can only satisfy a certain group of gamers. It's not exactly a straight action-adventure game. It's not exactly a platformer. It has a certain style and appeal compared to other games, but it seems like it's aimed at the Japanese market as far as the art style, the janky dialogue, and humor. I personally enjoyed the game, but I can understand why some of my friends aren't interested in it. It's reminds me of Monster Hunter and it's overwhelming popularity for Japanese gamers compared to American gamers.
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  3. why do you think wonderful 101 sold so little?

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