Are You Solely A Nintendo Fan? Nintendo & Sony? Nintendo & Microsoft?

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User Info: Usabell

3 years ago#31
I'm not really a fan of the three. Nintendo is the only company that makes consoles, so I prefer their lineup. The others make watered down gaming PCs that crash, hang, suffer from bad frame rates, bad ports that are better on the original platform they're made for (PC) and their controllers fall apart. I'm not a fan of "new" Nintendo either, I hate everything wireless and motion controls with a passion. Still, they manage to come up with really good games that run fluently and are a ton of fun, they do it again and again while the others only bring out unpolished games that don't really interest me. That said, I own a PS2 and PS3, but still need to find a few good games for the PS3 especially. This console has been a major disappointment. Microsoft I stay far away from, never been a fan of them, and I won't support them. They have no place in the game industry. I'm kinda sad to see Sega go, I liked their consoles more than Sony's.

In the end, the SNES is the console with the most good games IMO, and the Wii U recently got some quality games that emulate them quite nicely. So I'm more back to Nintendo, but games like Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed that suck on all consoles equally are best on PC.
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User Info: mrmtmn

3 years ago#32
hmm... Sony is first for me, I guess. I've enjoyed their consoles a lot for 3 generations now (PS4 is still too expensive for me though).
Then Nintendo. I just started getting back into their consoles again. They really do have a lot of good games that only appear on their systems (especially for the Wii). Plus the DS was awesome!!!
I don't own a MS system, but only because I can't afford it. I do get jealous when I see an exciting MS exclusive, but Red Ring of Death scared me away from 360 & Xbox original didn't have too much that PS2 didn't.
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User Info: Nova_Castings

3 years ago#33
Whoever has the JRPGs. So, Nintendo and Sony, mostly. I do enjoy my 360, if only because of gems like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.
~Nova Castings
Dominus vobiscum et memento mori.

User Info: supergamerbret

3 years ago#34
Nintendo & 3rd party. I don't give a damn about either of the other's first party games, unless Resogun on PS4 is by Sony.
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User Info: TheZeldaFan

3 years ago#35
I'm a fan of games that are good.
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User Info: vanguard29

3 years ago#36
i dont hate microsoft (much) but they have a lot of games i dont care for. love sony and nintendo tho.
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User Info: ign0to

3 years ago#37
Sony & Nintendo & PC. Not interested in anything Microsoft right now, though that could change someday.

User Info: jletter

3 years ago#38
Nintendo and PS4 for consoles, but I'm running a gaming PC with Windows so it's not like MS doesn't play a role in my gaming. Kinda what most people have been saying. Mainly, I am just posting to be that guy:

Spade21X posted...
As for Microsoft, I could care less.

"Couldn't care less".
If you can care less, that means you do care somewhat. From the tone of your post, I'm guessing you meant you did not care at all about MS. Hence you can't, and therefore "couldn't", care less.

And that's my pedant post for the day...or at least hour...
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User Info: RED_LINK1

3 years ago#39
Nintendo and Microsoft. I must be in a huge minority, sheesh. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Sony, I have a PS3, Vita, and PSP but I don't spend nearly as much time on them as I do on Wii U or Xbox 360. I got them for some exclusives like the Tales games, Ratchet and Clank games and a few others.

User Info: EsperValkyrie

3 years ago#40
I have no set brand preference, I play games on whatever system has what I want to play. That said Xbox is my least favored platform, as it has the least Japanese support, and I have a PC that can play most mulltiplats if they are released on PC as well.
Currently Playing: Child of Light (PS3), Kirby Triple Deluxe
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