Why is the framerate not preffered to the resolution?

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User Info: Iokua

3 years ago#11
It's come to light recently that the general public prefers framerate over resolution. The resolution issue is the gaming media pushing it for the most part.
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User Info: Puckswack12

3 years ago#12
I don't know a single soul ( irl or online) who prefers resolution to frame rate.

I guess it depends on the game and player in the end though. But in general frame rate>resolution.

User Info: Atomos199

3 years ago#13
Because stupid like bigger numberz.
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User Info: locky723

3 years ago#14
Then why aren't people getting upset about the fact that, as an example, watch dogs is 900 P BUT only 30 FPS. Thats Bull crap. (This is for ps4, and i'm only posting it because it's the first number i thought of.)

User Info: HermeticJustice

3 years ago#15
because people who care only for graphics compare games to tv or movies, where framerate isn't a big deal, but the resolution is
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  3. Why is the framerate not preffered to the resolution?

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