On a scale of 1-10, how much do you care about the story in a game?

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  3. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you care about the story in a game?

User Info: IAmMC2

3 years ago#111
Depends on the genre

Most games: 5

Sandbox games, RPGs, etc: 8

Fighting games: 0
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User Info: BrokenChaos666

3 years ago#112
5-ish. It's not very important but it can't be complete ass either.

User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
3 years ago#113
Thaxagoodname posted...
1 for me. I buy games to play them. I don't need to feel an attachment to the characters or the story. Only reason there's a 1 is because if the cutscenes look good, I'll watch them and pay attention.

"I buy games to play them." Do you have a formal education? As if story-driven games are somehow not interactive. Nintendo fanboys are pretty much the only ones still hating on these types of games because Nintendo only makes games with shallow, simple stories or none whatsoever. Simple as that, jealousy.

Are you telling me the original Metal Gear Solid (one of the best games ever) can't "be played?" I just started a new playthrough and tried to watch my way through it, but Snake just stood in the water not moving.
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User Info: DarkReign2022

3 years ago#114
10. For me, the story is the most important part of a game. If I'm not engaged, I'm probably not going to play it very long. It doesn't have to be a brilliant, amazing, ground-breaking thing that will never happen again, but it needs to be interesting and it needs to try and fill it's own shoes. That's why I enjoy games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us, Halo, Splinter Cell, etc... They have a deep, detailed & enriching universe to explore and expand upon. Even outside of the games, I always read the novels for games like Halo, Mass Effect, and ever the Starcraft books are rather well done.

User Info: leonodo

3 years ago#115
Really depends. On jrpgs it's a definite 10/10.
On wrpgs it's a 6/10.
On the rest it's like a 2/10.
I definitely enjoy games with awesome stories like Catherine or Portal 2 though
Sunshine is overrated...
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User Info: KillerMechanoid

3 years ago#116
It really depends on the game genre.

RPGs would score high, around 8-10
Platformers would score much lower, about 1-3 or so.

Those games that don't need much story can be justified:

User Info: blackhrt

3 years ago#117
Any genre can have a story.

But anyway, 9 for me.
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User Info: shrooboid313

3 years ago#118
Avirosb posted...
It really depends on the game. Story is kinda important in RPGs and Adventure games.

This, if it's a Hack'n'Slash thing (like Deadpool) I really don't care THAT much, I do like a story though. Even if it is a weak one, I usually like to feel like I'm actually working towards something.
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User Info: HighwayPilot

3 years ago#119
5/10. I like there to be a story and not just playing until you are done with it, but the depth of the story isn't important. I do like the story or the characters at least to be fun to follow though.

User Info: xoftheuniverse

3 years ago#120
There are 4 elements that make up EVERY game. I will list them in the order of importance.

Gameplay - This incorporates anything you control in the game and it's style of doing so. This means the actual controls such as button layout, motion controls, their responsiveness etc and it also entails the style that varies by genre such as platforming, turn based combat, puzzle mechanics etc. If the gameplay either is not working as it should, or it's boring/not fun this is going to instantly make the game bad.

Music/Sound - This is obviously music and sound effects. They set the tone of stories, add surrounding realism sometimes and a game with bad sound is much less of an experience.

Storyline - This is an optional game element that can either make the game truly shine, or can make people hate the game. I say optional because certain games don't even have a story, and others don't put much thought into it.

Graphics - Another optional game element. As long as the player can tell what they are doing this element can look like anything.

As for a number for the storyline, I don't do that kind of thing and people need to stop being so attached to numbers. This includes everything from all the scores bouncing around supposedly rating games all the way to the sales numbers. These kinds of things only exist because people can't seem to think for themselves.
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