On a scale of 1-10, how much do you care about the story in a game?

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User Info: Zerothma

3 years ago#91
KyoReiseTaisen posted...


Can you people STOP being this freaking dense?!

For RPGs, if the story is crap, why did you even bother making the game?

For Action, just have an interesting cast and story.



Can you people TRY to keep an open mind?

Etrian Odyssey doesn't even have a story and it's a great RPG series. Let's not forget Nethack, and other old-school RPGs like Wizardry.

RPGs are about gameplay, then story, otherwise who'd bother with a 30+ hour game if it wasn't fun?
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User Info: aixx114

3 years ago#92
i like mostly rpgs so i'd say 9

User Info: BamBamPanda

3 years ago#93
I'm happy with a game if it either has great combat or a great story. I don't expect both.

If the combat sucks or doesn't exist, then 10. (Visual novel games)
If the combat is addicting, then 0.

User Info: maizemaize

3 years ago#94
Remember FF3 SNES, CHRONO TRIGGER SNES- I shed tears at some moments. I felt my pay for the game was worth it.
FF CC RING OF FATES DS was last game I felt emotional upon finishing, almost cried.
But recently I finished Emergency Heroes Wii and FF CC CRYSTAL BEARERS - so stiff in story, worst games I cleared past 2 years.
I want to feel attached-my $73 per game should be worth It! Money does not grow on trees, you know.

User Info: Younglife878

3 years ago#95
For me its a 9. I can't continue to play a game that has a bad story line but i will continue to play it if I like its multiplayer. This only applies to some genres though.

User Info: def361zero

3 years ago#96
Either a 9 or 10 in fact I actually prefer a good story with interesting characters rather then gameplay.

User Info: Free_san

3 years ago#97
10-1, depending on game type.

User Info: ChargedBuster

3 years ago#98

the story is just as important of every other aspect of a game. Each part of a game, it's story, it's music, it's gameplay, all compliment or detract from one another. The best games, the ones I feel are worth my time, are the ones that can accomplish the delicate balance of all these aspects.

That doesn't mean you need Shakespeare, it means you need the story to work within the context of the world and gameplay you are making. So yes, it is super important to me.
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User Info: Stanger5150

3 years ago#99
In action adventure games- 7/10
In platformers- 2/10
In racing and puzzle games- 0/10
In sports games- 0/10
In RPGs and adventure games- 10/10
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User Info: SeekAndDestroy2

3 years ago#100
Care in general? Well story is big for me so probably 9. If it's a great game that doesn't really need a good story I won't hold that against it but games get bonus points for going the extra mile and having a good story in addition to gameplay and other factors.
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