What's a game series you don't understand the love for?

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User Info: flsomerv

3 years ago#61
I agree that the Call of Duty games (and most first-person shooters actually) are just kind of there. Also, I don't understand the love for sports games like Madden and the NBA games. Maybe it's because I don't like sports much.

The biggest thing about gaming that I don't understand the love for is handheld gaming. Why would anyone choose to play their games on a tiny (< 5") screen when there are so many amazing HD televisions available at reasonable prices. Is it actually for the mobility aspect? Really? How much time do people really spend playing games while they are out and about? I can understand it for long road trips, but those are usually few and far between. Isn't like 95% of all gaming done in the home? When I go out for something, I'm usually doing something that isn't gaming. It is astounding that the 3DS has done so well. There is definitely a market for handheld gaming, but it just baffles me to no end. This dislike for handheld gaming probably comes from my dislike of all things mobile. I have a Trac phone for emergencies that I keep in my vehicle. Other than that, I don't have a cell phone--by choice. Now, all that being said, I actually own 3 DS Lite's, 1 DSi XL, 1 3DS, and 2 3DS XL's. I have 6 kids (5 of which play games) who enjoy them because they can take them with us when we go see relatives. I just don't get the desire to take your electronics with you every time you leave the house. Long car trips, sure, but every time you go out? Not so much.
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User Info: trenken

3 years ago#62
Pokemon. Tried it a couple times. Crap.
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User Info: trenken

3 years ago#63
Sonytendo posted...
On this board, Star Fox. The series hasn't had a decent game since the n64. It's one and only truly good game SF64 is only 3 hours long to do every option in the game.

This is actually a good one too. Youre right, for some reason it seems like the series is beloved and has many great games, but it only has 1 good game which was one of the shortest games i played in the n64.
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User Info: Shiranui777

3 years ago#64

User Info: dancing_cactuar

3 years ago#65
Final Fantasy.

I mean, the games are good, but holy crap, they aren't the best games of all time forever, least of all 7.
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User Info: HeyKaetsu

3 years ago#66
Xenoblade. Xenogears and Saga were great and X looks like the greatest thing in the world but Xenoblade was pretty generic. All it had going for it was it's combat system. Even then I had a bit more fun with Gears' battle system. Xenoblade also had a weak team working on it and the music is nowhere near as good as people claim it is(only good songs are the battle themes and Gaur Plains). It's good thing that X has a lot of the Gears people working on it and ditched a lot of the the Blade guys. I also don't understand the love for the Tales games. Absolute piece s***.
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