"What Should Nintendo Do At E3 2014?" -TheSixthAxis

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User Info: HappyBull

3 years ago#1
Just reporting a well written article is all. I got one for the other boards as well.

"Letís be perfectly honest: Nintendo has had a disastrous couple of years by its own very high standards. The Wii U seems to have confused the casual market that made the Wii such a success and it hasnít captured the imagination of enough so-called ďhardcoreĒ gamers to sell enough consoles. The 3DS is doing okay by any reasonable metric, but measured against its predecessor it also looks like itís under performing.

Nintendo has once again been left behind in the race for raw console power but it doesnít have the mass-market appeal that prevented that power differential from truly mattering last generation. Yet, with some potential system sellers just over the horizon, thereís always the feeling that Nintendo isnít too far away from turning the corner and making a success of the Wii U while giving the 3DS a further boost that would make its sales graph look a lot more respectable.

To turn their fortunes around and make a success out of this generation, theyíll need to be quite drastic and imaginative with their strategy. Hereís how I think they could do that at E3 2014."

Read on for more (it really is a good read): http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2014/05/16/what-should-nintendo-do-at-e3-2014/
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User Info: crowe_1

3 years ago#2
Gotta admit, I thought "thesixthaxis" would be a Sony site and the article was going to be sheer Nintendo bashing.

But it actually is a really good article that gives suggestions without hating, while giving props at the same time. I still don't agree with removing the Gamepad, but everything else the writer said is pretty spot on.

Nice find, TC. This is probably is the most fair assessment of the situation I've seen.
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