So I've never played a Dynasty Warriors game before

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User Info: CSplitter

3 years ago#11
UltimaSora91 posted...
What's funny is the fact the characters of DW talk major junk to each other and even have hilarious lines here and there...this would be a problem with Link...

Link is going to do some serious morale boosting with lines like:


User Info: NickTheBlitz

3 years ago#12
It all depends on your preferences. Personally I love DW and the Warriors series in general. The gameplay is fun, the music is sweet, and it always promises local co-op. Plus those who say the combat isn't deep has never tried difficulty settings higher than Normal--mashing the attack button won't get you anywhere very quickly, especially when archers are around.

If you have Gamefly, try to rent Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. Or find a used/cheap copy or something. Aside from the character switching, that's approximately the gameplay you'll encounter in Hyrule Warriors.
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User Info: jackynkurttims

3 years ago#13
And it is awesome! I'm here because I'm more of a Warriors fan than a Zelda fan. Might sound strange but I'm a Nintendo latecomer and have played waaaaaaay more Warriors games than Zelda games. This game is an amazing combination for me.
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User Info: Mephsuit

3 years ago#14
Love the DW series. Love the RoTK lore. I've heard the game referred to as a "grass cutter" game, in that the game is meant to have the players slaying paper soldiers by the thousands. The difficulty is usually on higher levels or some of the tasks they have you complete to unlock things.
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User Info: kissdadookie

3 years ago#15
o___Okami posted...
And decided to watch some gameplay footage.....

It looks like you "battle" hordes of identical enemies, except instead of actually trying to attack you they just run up to you in droves and stand around waiting to eat your cheesy AOE attacks? And instead of your attacks looking like they're having an impact on an enemy, just barely tapping them with any part of the swing of your weapon will launch them into the air?

Is what I see in DW8 about what I should expect in Hyrule Warriors?

Since you've never played any of these Warriors games before, you might actually have a good chance at being able to enjoy Hyrule Warriors quite a bit. The problem with Hyrule Warriors is that there's over 10 Warriors games which have been released if you count all the variations on the Warriors games outside of the numbered games in the series.

User Info: SuperLoco

3 years ago#16
Playing on the hardest difficulty(which you should do asap) usually makes things much more interesting in Musou games.
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User Info: mylose64

3 years ago#17
o___Okami posted...
hordes of identical enemies, except instead of actually trying to attack you they just run up to you in droves and stand around waiting to eat your cheesy AOE attacks

Pretty much sums up DW games.

I've been playing DW since DW 3 (My favorite game of all time) on Ps2. All those enemies don't pose a real threat, unless you are playing on Very Hard difficulty. The enemies who will give you a rough time are the archers and the officers.

On harder difficulties enemies officer can wipe you out in seconds. The same goes for archers, if there are a dozen of them shooting you at the same time, you'll be dead after a few hits.

The problem with these "hordes" of enemies is that they will ruin your overall moral and can potentially kill your ally officers.

Even though they don't pose any real threat it is incredibly satisfying to unleash a 200 hit combo on hundreds of these enemies. Clearing the entire map before you face off against the main officer (boss of the stage) is awesome.

The gameplay is repetitive, but I love DW. Destroying thousands and thousands of enemies like a boss is so much fun.

Bringing Zelda into the mix is only going to add polish to this series and I'm excited to see what they add to it.
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User Info: Endgame

3 years ago#18
they're mindless button mashers

nothing more, nothing less (not that a game could be less.....)
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User Info: digiblaster

3 years ago#19
Saying that Dynasty Warriors is a game based on a deep combat system is equivalent to saying that Battalion Wars is an FPS.

On lower difficulties you won't have any problems, but when you ramp it up a bit you have to think carefully about what you do. Should I go and take out that general, or should I protect this encampment that's under attack? Should I make sure an ally gets across that river safely, or should I take out the castle on the other side of the map to give other allies a boost? When you play on harder settings you have to really think about what to do.

Hyrule Warriors will hopefully be like that too, but from the tiny amount of footage we've seen it looks like the combat system has been improved somewhat, with the ability to target enemies (like in Zelda games).
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