What's the most fun game you've played this year?

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  3. What's the most fun game you've played this year?

User Info: Tayl0rpwnz

3 years ago#1
Strider on PS4.

User Info: RatheV

3 years ago#2
Hmm, this might be an odd way of looking at it, but Tropical Freeze is probably the most 'pure' fun I've had.

On the other hand, I played through the Advance Wars series, and I like them more. There's just this great feeling of satisfaction from devising and executing a strategy leading to victory, but it's not the same kind of fun.

User Info: terrancejones

3 years ago#3
Bravely Default
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User Info: R_Hunter

3 years ago#4
terrancejones posted...
Bravely Default

Me too.
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User Info: EnchantedDevil

3 years ago#5
Mario Golf World Tour

User Info: r7gerrabbit

3 years ago#6
Dark Souls 2

User Info: random_man9119

3 years ago#7
FFXIV... But it might be because I'm playing with a group of friends...

Looks like MK8 with match up with it though...
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User Info: heartlesshero17

3 years ago#8
So far the only games I got this year were Prime trilogy, Blazblue, Drakengard 3, and Child of Light

Might say Prime 1
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User Info: BoomerTheGreat

3 years ago#9
Most fun probably FE:A

If you meant by a game released this year then Demons Gaze.
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User Info: AdamLazaruso

3 years ago#10
South Park: The Stick of Truth by some distance.
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