What's the most fun game you've played this year?

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  3. What's the most fun game you've played this year?

User Info: BonezWell

3 years ago#11
Mario Kart
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User Info: xnn3882

3 years ago#12
Super Mario 3D World. Yes I know it was released last year, but I got it 2 months ago. This game is just pure fun!

User Info: ProPunk

3 years ago#13
Tropical Freeze. Best 2D platformer I have played since Yoshi's Island all the way back in 1996.

User Info: jackorhoads

3 years ago#14
Dk Tropical Freeze was really fun. Either that or Dark Souls 2.
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User Info: Tayl0rpwnz

3 years ago#15
I never said released this year. Just whatever game you played this year was most fun.

User Info: plasmatic5

3 years ago#16
This current year or this past year?

Past Year: The Wonderful 101

This Year: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze or Dark Souls 2.
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User Info: TheOPMagikarp

3 years ago#17
terrancejones posted...
Bravely Default
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  3. What's the most fun game you've played this year?

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