Thinking about getting one for my daughter

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User Info: Alt_Gardevior

3 years ago#71
Nukleen posted...
You could consider getting but only allow her to use the cheaper controllers such as the WiiMotes and the 'Pro controller' rather than the expensive tablet-like controller.

The gamepad might be a little big for someone her age anyways.

^ what Nukleen said. the Tablet-controller is nice but it's kinda bulky and expensive. plus the battery life of that thing is low compared to the Pro Controller/Wiimote. Regardless I would get a NERF or similar case and screen protector for the Tablet controller since you know, 5 year old.

User Info: cina

3 years ago#72
cant go wrong with wiimotes for young kids, specially with that plastic cover thing they have now, as long as they know to put the strap on. Really hard to break one, easier to break the tv with it, than to break it.
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User Info: ktay95

3 years ago#73
Nikra posted...
A 5 year old child handling the Wii U Gamepad: It's a disaster waiting to happen: You do know that if the gamepad is destroyed (And it will happen), You can throw the console in the garbage too.
Just a friendly advise.

Are you kidding me, my less than 2 year old nephew plays on the WiiU all the time and my Gamepad is fine. He hasn't even put a scratch in it.
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User Info: Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem
3 years ago#74
MaxStar360 posted...
manmouse posted...
xavierakane posted...
I remember being 5 years old and actually taking care of all my video games.
We should put faith that maybe not all 5 year old kids are monsters.

this. by age 6 i was the owner of an NES, Genesis, Game Gear, and maybe a year later a 32X. and i was afraid to break anything because i liked it all so much. kids aren't mindless, they actually think about things. i can't ever remember even tossing a controller, not once. hell, from age 3 til today i'm really having trouble thinking of a single time i broke a piece of gaming hardware.

TANTRUMS. God, I am just making the same point again and again while people just jump in here to mindlessly criticize us.

Dude, just let it go....... You sound like you're throwing a tantrum over there.
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User Info: TrueBlue91

3 years ago#75
Why on Earth would you buy a Wii U for your young kid? You want a kiddy gimmicky console for them, get a Wii, they'll love that. If they're a bit older, PS. Why Wii U? Makes a negative amount of sense. -7905996957 sense.
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User Info: Jo_Joanine

3 years ago#76

I think you might need to chill out a little...
Most of the posts"criticizing" you are just general input on 'child vs Wii U', not attacks on you. People are just putting in their 2 cents about it, and ultimately it's just about helping the TC.
Honestly, this why you shouldn't be taking all that input as personal insults, even when the posts directly reply to one of yours;
The thread isn't about you. It's about how fitting a Wii U is for a child. If somebody wants to tell the TC that the gamepad is sturdy and nothing to worry about, then that is their well-meant advice. Not an attack on you that you need or should defend against.

Also, well... This is what you started with:
-You do know that if the gamepad is destroyed (And it will happen), You can throw the console in the garbage too.
-This. Hate to say it but it is the truth. You have been warned, sir.

Without the comment inside the paranthesis, it's just general advice, but when you were also pointing out that breakage will happen you were actually making a pretty bold claim, so that's why several people are coming out to say that it's really not so bad.
I mean, you've even amended the statement in later posts, but you know as well as I do that many people can't be bothered to keep track of who you are and what you say in each following comment throughout the whole thread.
They saw an overblown statement and hit 'quick reply' to clarify it. No need for you to take that personal when it is done solely out of the desire to help the TC.
That's all there is to it, and that's fine, because once more: the topic isn't about you. It's about giving TC advice - which those posters do.

Now, as far as that is concerned, I agree with the general consensus here. The Wii U is pretty great for a kid. Most things have already been mentioned, but I'll echo that you should invest in a nunchuck and a classical controller.
Setting up and updating the console before gifting is also absolutely vital. Waiting for that first patching could become very tiresome for her (and in turn; you).

User Info: Mr_Delcroix

3 years ago#77
Monster Hunter
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User Info: VoidArgument

3 years ago#78
SampsonM posted...
Buy her a Mario Kart Bundle

Make sure you open the console before you give it to her and set the online part up. Create a club Nintendo account linked to your eShop account and register the Mario Kart 8 game. You will get to pick a free digital copy of a game. Choose New Super Mario Bros U. Download it, then put it back into the box and wrap it.

Then also consider buying:
Super Mario 3D World
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Any of the Lego games

Virtually all Nintendo-made games are going to be fine for children. That is basically their intended audience.

And yes, the Wii U has a Netflix app. Also Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Yeah get 3D World, but DO NOT GET DONKEY KONG COUNTRY!!! that game is harder than concrete I swear. My brother 100%-ed super meat boy and he said that that game was easier than Donkey kong Country. DKC is way too hard for any age. Other than that this post is great.

User Info: AceMos

3 years ago#79
miroll posted...
Whoa that was a lot of fast and great replies :)

i've been looking at the bundle pack and it seems like the perfect choice actually.
And if it so happens i could allways get the Zelda game so i can get some fun with the machine as well ;P.

About her breaking the gamepad: She usually play games on my tablet and there has never been any other problems than some creasy fingers so i'm not all that worried about the gamepad as it looks pretty sturdy.

She is generally pretty relaxed, and the only tantrums i've ever seen her pull is the ''i dont wanna go to bed'' crazyness now and then.

That there is a netflix app is great as well, as it Means that she can Watch her ''my Little pony'' and ''dora'' and so on, in her room now and then since that can litterly make a grown man CRAZY! :P

About the wii games tho ( I like that it can play those) i will need a Wii mote (?) to play those right?

Thank you for all the help :)

i can understadn dora making you crazy but MLP is awsome
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User Info: Auallonia

3 years ago#80
I'd vote for the 2DS. It has so many more games AND it's portable. has Animal Crossing and Pokemon!

Every child should have the opportunity to play Pokemon. Then again, I'm heavily biased and nostalgic towards the game that defined my childhood.
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