Star Fox U! You all have to buy a WiiU now!

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User Info: JadePinecone

3 years ago#21
I've never liked Star Fox, myself. Or any type of shooting game or flying game. I already have a Wii U anyway. I just want info on X and Hyrule Warrior's release dates but I have no idea how to watch E3 or how to find the information I want

User Info: Jumpmandk

3 years ago#22
blundermine posted...
SniperNightOwl posted...
Jumpmandk posted...
Starfox is for sure more of a reason than I've had in the past, but the last 2-3 new games have been less than good, so I'll be waiting until I see some gameplay and what's going on overall. Glad to see SF come out of retirement though.



What!? Assault was amazing. Try going for the gold medals in that game, some of the most challenging star fox you'll see.

For me, Assault was complete and utter garbage. SF Adventures was about the same. SF Command on the DS wasn't bad, as it had similar gameplay to SF2, but considering that games was never officially released, command could have been better.

User Info: Rasputin77

3 years ago#23
Star Fox! Wahoo!! 2016 can't come soon enough!

SniperNightOwl posted...
Stating your opinion =/= Trolling. Deal with it.

Well, according to the mod who put me in purgatory (please see quote - not sig), saying anything negative about any console is "trolling". Therefore, a negative opinion about anything IS trolling. <3 Adorable, right?
"We 'won'! We 'won' E3!" "You mean... you liked their presentation the best." "Oh... um... yeah. =( "

User Info: dylanbrandon286

3 years ago#24
kaliskonig posted...
Star Fox is NOT a system seller.

Who the hell cares? It is a great franchise and one that many people have been waiting for.

Stop getting your jimmies so rustled
Japan: "wow nukes are so op. America so noob." Brokencandle

User Info: shoggothsnack

3 years ago#25
Shadow Cloud posted...
I hope it's primarily a flight game and not Starfox Adventures...

This. I'm worried about the controls as well. Got Pikmin 3 free last week and i'm extremely disappointed with the touch screen controls so far. I guess i need to pick up a pro controller.
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