Amiibo is a scam

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User Info: alancal90

3 years ago#11
Depending on how much they cost I might like to own a couple just because they look like real life smash trophies. I like that they're optional of course..

User Info: VanderZoo

3 years ago#12
arvilino posted...
VanderZoo posted...
So you buy a figurine to watch a character that's already in the game fight....?

As opposed to requiring a figurine to actually play the character?

Well that would at least have a purpose, you need the figure to unlock the character. Like Skylanders, I get the point. I mean it'd suck to have to do that, but at least it has a logic to it.

User Info: 0MagicHero0

3 years ago#13
I'll buy just because the figurines look cool.
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User Info: Master_Totho

3 years ago#14
They can take all my money.
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User Info: Kuebel33

3 years ago#15
Golden_Mean posted...
Kuebel33 posted...
I just hope there aren't 3,000 of these figures....and please don't make like a rack of limited edition amiibos that are vendor or event specific...i hate that crap. Just make them all available to everyone.. Also, I hope they are affordable... $5.00 is affordable, but when there are hundreds of them, it just became pricey...

You only have to look at skylanders and disney infinity to see exactly how it plays out. Fyi it's about $10-12 a pop.

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User Info: G1243

3 years ago#16
A fool and his money are soon parted. - Satoru Iwata

They can make something of no value, but just because it is Nintendo IP, fans will eat it up.
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User Info: Jackal

3 years ago#17
Of course it's a scam.
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User Info: Eoin

3 years ago#18
This is clearly the result of the Smash Bros. development team being told that they had to include figurine features, but not wanting to lock characters being figurine purchases. They didn't want the figurines to be required to play as a character, and using a figurine to play as a character is a needlessly complicated character selection method, so this is what they came up with.

It's still a particularly unpersuasive use of the NFC feature. The same feature could be integrated into the game itself, with players given a stable of CPU-controlled characters to manage and level up, without needing to buy toys.

User Info: Avirosb

3 years ago#19
G1243 posted...
They can make something of no value, but just because it is Nintendo IP, fans will eat it up.
Kinda like collector's editions and GOTY editions.
Console wars are like pissing contests. So yeah.

User Info: Akihiko__Sanada

3 years ago#20
An Amiibo gives you an artificial friend to play against, which gets better the more it plays (unlike generic CPU)
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