Is Splatoon a retail release or eshop ?

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User Info: trenken

3 years ago#11
ManuKesna posted...
My guess is that is a $20 digital game

I would say more like $30-40. It will not be a $60 retail release though. Its only half a game.
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User Info: Thomasray123

3 years ago#12
It's listed as a $60 retail for preorder.

User Info: TrstTheLord

3 years ago#13
Splatoon is the Titanfall killer. To be serious I am more interested in Splatoon.
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User Info: TF874

3 years ago#14
Unrelated but there is already rule34 for the game lol
I thing Splatoon will stay pretty active for some time. Nintendo really has very few options for online multiplayer shooters, so I wouldn't worry about it dying out quickly.
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  3. Is Splatoon a retail release or eshop ?

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