Zelda Wii U plot possibility

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User Info: DannyM4nn1223

3 years ago#1
So my idea focuses mostly on the fact that the person in the trailer could have been a female.

The game starts you out as Link as the usual: the choosen one who is picked to fight whatever evil has befallen Hyrule. However, link is captured by something and is held prisoner for some reason. The person we see in the trailer could be links sister or a girl close to link. This could be possible simply because the person is riding Epona and using a bow that looks very similiar to most versions of the Heros Bow. This could mean the person is closeto link in some way and has access to things he posessed and his horse.

The part of link being captured could occur early in the game or be part of the opening before the game which puts links female companion as the playable character. Also after link is savedhe could become playable again.

This is just a far fetched idea for as to why the person in the trailer is possibly not link and possibly a female. What do u think of thisguys?

P.S. I think its a guy and link in the trailer
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User Info: SychinLegacy

3 years ago#2
I am 100% confident the character in the trailer is a male.

That said to me he looked much younger than a traditional link would. So possibly links son or younger brother?
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