So does anybody here really think Zelda Wii U will be good?

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  3. So does anybody here really think Zelda Wii U will be good?

User Info: Galwen

3 years ago#1
It has yet to show it'll be better than Skyward Sword.

User Info: heartlesshero17

3 years ago#2
I actually really liked Skyward Sword
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User Info: Kiurx

3 years ago#3
What do you mean by better then Skyward sword?
It's a mixed game so I don't know if you like it or hate it?
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User Info: b1gt0ne

3 years ago#4
*envy radar going off*

User Info: Yoshinator

3 years ago#5
disappointed about the graphics, happy about the open world

User Info: smoky820

3 years ago#6
yes because unlike many people here i dont have ridiculously high expectations.

even if a game is the weakest in the zelda series its still a pretty damn good game in comparison games as a whole. now of course nintendo could totally screw it up and we could end up with an actual bad zelda game but as things are now i dont believe one exists.
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User Info: Zayzie

3 years ago#7
Pfft. Of course it will be good...just because you are the living embodiment of the Zelda cycle doesn't mean the games are bad...every Zelda (except possibly cd-i) is damn solid. I liked ss and tp and ww.. all great games.
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User Info: neogeoftw

3 years ago#8
Yep. :)

User Info: asbsand

3 years ago#9
heartlesshero17 posted...
I actually really liked Skyward Sword

Me too although I fully understand some people didn't like it, plus it was clearly better than the sum of its parts because it had a lot of boring segments.

I think the new Zelda has good chances though. The playability has probably already been accounted for as they know what worked after releasing ALBW, but what I'm truly skeptical about is whether Zelda really works in a huge overworld when Nintendo couldn't even make a lesser open-ended Zelda like TP work all that well. And maybe even bigger is that I did not like SS or ALBW or the DS Zeldas when it came to their narrative and tone.

OoT had moments when it got borderline gothic and MM had a lot of really chilling moments. I couldn't help but feel like the DS games and ALBW were too "cute" and simple in their storytelling and SS also felt like it tried to be more than it was, although it nailed its approach to character-driven storytelling. Combine SS's approach to characters with something as thematic and poignant as OoT, LA or MM and Zelda U can be my favorite, but quite frankly a Zelda game doesn't really go beyond being just "a fine game" in my book when all they're good at is playability and then nothing more.

So I hope Zelda U will combine everything that has been great about the franchise in the past and also surprise me more than SS or ALBW did.
As a gamer, I've been spoiled by Ace Attorney, Mass Effect and the Zelda games. Why aren't all games this good!?
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User Info: 8_Bit_Boy

3 years ago#10
I'm hopeful at least!
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