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Summer Games?

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User Info: GP313

2 years ago#1
I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any wii u titles that are supposed to be released in the summer that just don't have a definite release date yet. I'm still playing mario kart 8 of course, and I've jumped back into skyward sword to finish that up, but after that I won't have much to play until Hyrule Warriors and Smash 3ds come out. There's no games that I'm forgetting about from now to then right?
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User Info: Batoideus

2 years ago#2
Nope. It's not surprising though. People keep talking about this gap as a bad thing, but major games rarely ever release in the summer for any company. It's just not a profitable time for the game industry with summer camps and family vacations and summer blockbusters and just outdoor activities in general serving as competition.
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