People who grew up playing Nintendo....

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User Info: Stanger5150

3 years ago#72
MetroidJunkie posted...
I'd consider NES to SNES more of a significant graphical upgrade, given it went from barely recognizable blobs to the crisp detail you expect from 16-bit. Also, if you want to be technical, the SNES was the first Nintendo console to be capable of truly 3D graphics with games like Doom and Starfox.

The NES was far more than "barely recognizable blobs". See Kirby's Adventure. It's basically the Yoshi's Island of the NES. The Master System though... that thing was a powerhouse back then. Check a vid of Road Rash on the SMS. It looks almost identical to Road Rash 3 on the Genesis. It's mind blowing really. Its best looking games even rivaled the TG-16.
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User Info: LMwest09

3 years ago#73
Yes, I am still amazed and perfectly happy with the quality of titles Nintendo offers me. That doesn't mean I like every game they make, but the ones I do bring me that same feeling they did way back when. This is why I've never had a complaint with the Wii U, or any other Nintendo console for that matter. I can almost say the same thing about Sony as well. MS on the other hand...
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