you know you play to much wii u when..

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User Info: Legend053180

3 years ago#21
...your daughter says, "Daddy you never play tea party with me anymore"

User Info: Kiurx

3 years ago#22
When you forgot to feed your adopted children....damn third time this week. And I think I might actually cared for them....
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User Info: PJ2014

3 years ago#23

User Info: coolguy_23

3 years ago#24
You were home all week literally..

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User Info: Felix6464

3 years ago#25
That after playing Mk8, you have to adjust your eyes to remember what reality looks like.
ElectricMole posted...
Yoshi's wooly world needs a trim or a bikini waxing.

User Info: Granadico_

3 years ago#26
I remember in December i think, i spent 80 hours playingi Wii U in only 4 days. Probably the most time i've spent gaming in a long time. And i had a blast <3
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