The Virtual Console really needs to be fixed.

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User Info: Halo05

3 years ago#11
I didn't think every Wii VC game would show up instantly or even at all, but I at least thought we'd see an initial push where, like the Wii, 3-4 games would show up each week for awhile.

I've resumed buying some stuff on the Wii VC through my Wii U just because I'm not at all confident that non-Nintendo systems will ever show up.

Additional sales would also help. For a minute there Capcom was doing a bunch of sales where you'd get discounts by buying multiple titles in the same franchise. That seems to have dried up even though I think I participated in all of them.
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User Info: Baha05

3 years ago#12
The bigger issue is them releasing their games and in a manner that isn't a game per week. And aside from N64/GC, Nintendo does not own those other systems so chances are they have to update contracts to use them.
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User Info: CubeTV

3 years ago#13
Custode_de_Pace posted...

LMAO "This system doesn't have as many 30 year old ROMs as the last system, IT IS NOT NEXT GEN!!!1!!1!!!"

This was honestly the Wii's selling point for me. Since I never owned anything besides a N64/GCN, I had so many choices of games to play and it was really amazing being able to have every Nintendo console in one. It truly was a Nintendo Revolution for me.

With the Wii U, I often ask myself why I bought one. The Nintendo games are few and far between, the controllers are downright puzzling and annoying to deal with, the system has terrible third party support (main reason I bought it), the OS is annoying to deal with (I liked the one on the Wii and 3DS better) and to me... The system hasn't been worth it one bit and yet I only payed $170 (I bought a Pikachu 3DS XL for that much, then traded it for the Wii U) for a brand new one with six games (Tekken 2, Call of Duty Blops 2, Need For Speed U, Game & Wario, New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land. Nintendo Land, Call of Duty Blops 2 and Tekken 2 being the only ones worth it), one pro controller and a $50 eshop card for mine back in August.

I want to get excited for games like Smash Bros., but that's also on the 3DS, Mario Party 10 but you need a Wii remote for everybody, Mario Maker but who knows when that is coming out and such.
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User Info: Tenchi UK

Tenchi UK
3 years ago#14
CubeTV posted...
This was honestly the Wii's selling point for me. Since I never owned anything besides a N64/GCN, I had so many choices of games to play and it was really amazing being able to have every Nintendo console in one. It truly was a Nintendo Revolution for me.

it was similar to me, i grew up mainly with sega systems such as master system and mega drive, (had a game boy before those though) so the first nintendo console for me was the N64 and i loved it.

with the wii the virtual console was awesome and i agree that having all these systems in one felt like a revolutionary experience for me.

with wiiu it added another nice feature to vc, being able to play on gamepad which is really nice considering that similar to psp and vita, the screen size seems great for playing older games which would otherwise look like ass on HD-TVs, plus playing them while on the sofa or bed with headphones in is really relaxing.

with the wiiu though the release rate is way lower, usualy about 1 game a week and it is often over a month between snes games, theres also the fact that certain games will very likely not make it to wiiuVC (im not expecting to see chrono trigger back on the wiiu VC)

when earthbound was announced i was exited that we would see more games that didnt make it to wii vc such as the lufia games or other jrpgs i missed out on during the snes era though recently it seems its mainly just re releasing nes games from the wii library.

this isnt entitlement, i dont DEMAND these games, but i would love to be able to play more retro games legit on the system and give nintendo my money for it.
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User Info: GigerSupreme

3 years ago#15
i remember the realese of earthbound was a big deal for every one.

on the wii, the release of sin and punishment was a big day for everyone.

User Info: Voxwik

3 years ago#16
Custode_de_Pace posted...
I'm guessing they just do not have the resources to release that much. Especially considering how many more people they needed for HD development, and how they now have two Virtual Console lineups to worry about rather than just one. I'm guessing they just don't think it's worth it to hire more people just to make a few bucks on VC games that aren't the big ones.

No, fans port emulators regularly once consoles are hacked, and to multiple PC and mobile operating systems, and Nintendo easily has far more resources and knowledge of the hardware than fans do. There isn't some special "HD" technology that makes it harder innately to make things. The HD issue is only due to the higher quality art design and graphical effects and sometimes voice acting that often comes along with more powerful hardware. If anything it would be easier to port an emulator to a more powerful machine because they don't need to be as efficient. Moreover those fan programs are far more versatile than the bare bones emulators Nintendo/Sony/etc. provide.

I really do not like Nintendo's approach to this. For that matter, if Sony is doing the same thing I don't like it either. If I buy a game on Stream I do not need to rebuy it every time I get a new version of Windows, and most/all even include the Mac/Linux version if they exist as far as I'm aware. That is the sole reason for this. Nintendo's abysmal lack of an account system independent of machines aside, it would be relatively trivial to sell people the games and let them play them on a new machine with the updated emulator. It is all about Nintendo controlling what games you can buy and trying to manipulate its market to maximize profits with artificial scarcity. Perhaps with third party games it's more complicated, but not for ones Nintendo owns. This is all marketing decisions and has nothing at all to do with technical issues. For an example of how much easier it is for Nintendo, the fan N64 emulator for the Wii is extremely limited due to the system's power, yet Nintendo with its intricate knowledge of the machine released N64 VC titles on the Wii. It's not that the fans have superior knowledge in designing the emulators, but that Nintendo would not want to overwhelm the user with many advanced features, that the Nintendo official releases lack the features of the fan ones. The emulation itself I'd guess is probably far more accurate and/or efficient in the Nintendo ones.
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