Why can't sonic team make a Sonic 06 sequel for wii U?

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User Info: XImperialDragon

3 years ago#21
Superlinkbros89 posted...
The only time I experienced glitches was when I wasn't following the goal, I dont get why people think exploring the levels is necessary in this game, just play gta if you want to explore levels rather than hating on sonic 06 for providing fun levels

Saying, "This never happened to me" doesn't mean it didn't happen to anyone/everyone else, nor does it mean they were doing it wrong.

A booster pad shooting the character into the water instead of into the air is no fault of the player, stop justifying lazy game design, poor quality assurance and bug testing by blaming the players. The game is bad for a reason. Great that you liked it, but

Poorly designed code running automated sections caused me more headaches in that game than anything else (going straight through loops you were supposed to hit, boosts and springs sending me toward other objects but Sonic either passes through them or hits the edge of something else and falls to his death). These glitches are from parts of the level you *have* to venture across in order to complete it, rendering your entire ass-pulled GTA analogy invalid:


#1, where he says collision detection can be deadly, happened to me multiple times my first go through of the first stage, as did 2. #4, infinite grinding, did happen to me as well, but I shot off horizontally at an amazing speed and flew into the water when I tried to stop the grind.

There were obviously well more than that, but these are what I remember. This video is an extremely short list, as I have others that are 20+ minutes long going over the same kind of info but covering a lot more bad code.
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User Info: X_Ste_90_X

3 years ago#22
CubeTV posted...
X_Ste_90_X posted...

I'm not trolling but I seriously don't get what's so hard about making a good Sonic game consistently. Colours and Generations are the only ones I've liked for a about 8 years.

This. Sonic Adventure 1, Heroes, Shadow, Advance 1 and Generations (3DS) are some of my favorite Sonic games.

How is the PS3 version of the game. My computer can't run Generations (it can't even run Terraria or MineCraft either) and the Xbox 360 is non-existent to me. Once I get a PS3 in about 10-15 days, I was thinking of picking up Generations and Sonic 2006 (maybe both).

PS3 generations is great, you'll enjoy it if you enjoy enjoyed any of the 2D games IMO. Sonic 06 is worth a play just to see what is bad about the game.
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User Info: NintendoLover25

3 years ago#23
The ending would make having a sequel strange to me. Nothing actually happened in 06.
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