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User Info: Bad-School-Girl

3 years ago#1
Sonic Free Riders was horrible, anyone else hoping they make a true sequel?

User Info: DTY3

3 years ago#2
Anything is better than that Kinect game.

Sonic Riders is good fun, and Zero gravity did the anti grav thing (in an arguably more interesting way) years before Mario Kart.

User Info: CubeTV

3 years ago#3
I do. I felt like Zero Gravity was a bit "too" much for me though. Like the game was nice, but it was too much and I probably would have enjoyed it more if it stayed closer to the first Riders. Maybe make it a bit faster, but no "I'm on the walls... ceiling and in the air" stuff.
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User Info: NintendoLover25

3 years ago#4
I never tried the original or Free Riders, but I do love Zero Gravity, I could go for another if they wanted to make one.
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