Question Time: What's the big deal ?

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User Info: sonicsonic

3 years ago#1
I remember when a vast amount of people criticized the WiiU for it's lack of innovation in using the Gamepad.

Why is Off-Screen play not enough ? It is the single greatest addition to Home System play.
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User Info: Legend053180

3 years ago#2
Gamepad Off-TV play is my favorite aspect of the system.
The games are great, but as far as the system itself, there's nothing really special about the system other than the Gamepad.
No criticism from me.

User Info: crazyj10

3 years ago#3
Off-screen play is only useful when you need to share the TV with others or for us near-sighted folk when we're too lazy to put on our glasses and just want to lounge around.

Then there's the matter of the gamepad not being used all that well, usually only for gimmicks or just an alternate spot for some menus or HUD elements (Not that I'm personally against the alternate spot for menus and hud elements, I'd love to navigate a Pip-Boy in Fallout with it and it's a nice way to reduce clutter on screen to help keep games immersive.)
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User Info: BaronVladz

3 years ago#4
Personally, off-screen play is useless for me. I have a 1080p TV that I don't need to share with other people, and I'd rather not have to play my current gen games on an 8-inch 480p tablet screen when I could do that on my tablet instead. If I wanted off-screen play, I'd rather have the option of choosing to purchase that separately, like with the PS Vita, for real remote play, and not just limited to 10-feet from the console.

User Info: Kiurx

3 years ago#5
It's a use that is marketed towards Japanese families and cultures. It's more common to have a big tv in japan for a family then it is in America. The average American family have tvs in there rooms.

And that's the major problem when your realseing a console around the world
you should really considered an aspect that makes up more of your market. I think it would benefit more in the us if the gamepad could have a longer range inside there house.

But besides that I'm not really compiaining on the gamepad. I don't need something groundbreaking to warrant a purchase. Being able to switch items in Zelda seamless is epic. No longer do I need to keep pausing in order to switch my items. It may be a little thing but I love it to death.

Also with shovel knights being able to switch my items seamlessly is pretty kool mind you , you don't have to use that much but if they finally decide to make a mega man game on the wii u I would enjoy it a lot.

In the end I really make the gamepad still minus the off tv play thing. It makes a lot of little annoyance not annoying anymore. Also I really like the tilt controls for mario kart 8, though you could do that with a wii remote but it doesn't feel as satisfying when your using a gamepad.
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