YR: Retro Studios revives Ice Climbers but changes it into...

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User Info: MarioGamer12345

3 years ago#1
a 3-Dimensional Collectithon game similar to what Banjo-Kazzoie was for the N64.
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User Info: Avirosb

3 years ago#2
I'm okay with this.
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User Info: xoftheuniverse

3 years ago#3
I would look at it and see if I like what I see.
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User Info: Kiurx

3 years ago#4
My reaction :

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User Info: o___Okami

3 years ago#5
"Why the hell are they digging up this outdated fossil instead of creating a new IP? Can they not let IPs die with dignity as opposed to digging them up and parading around their mangled corpses? Who is actually asking for this except for a few people from the Smash Brothers crowd? Is there a single person who has asked for they became playable in the Smash Brothers series?"
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User Info: BahamutBBob

3 years ago#6

I was never a fan of collect a thons.
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User Info: MetroidJunkie

3 years ago#7
Basically something like this;

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User Info: Granadico_

3 years ago#8
As long as they climb up a mountain still, i'd j***
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User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

3 years ago#9
The collect-o-thon style would actually work out for Ice Climber. The object of the original game IS to collect food stolen by a condor flying over an icy mountain. I assume the stolen food was for a village that is now starving, so Popo and Nana collecting the food to feed their village would make a great Banjo-Kazooie-style game.
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User Info: VideoGameXV

3 years ago#10
That'd be cool I guess, I enjoy Banjo-Kazooie anyway and Retro Studios develop some of my favourite Nintendo games, Metroid Prime and DKCR.
If Sakurai can bring back an old IP (Kid Icarus) and make an amazing game out of it while changing the complete genre I can trust Retro in doing same, they changed the whole genre for Metroid into first-person and that turned out great so there wouldn't be any worry at all I think, it would also make the Ice Climbers more relevant as a lot of people I know who have played Smash Bros. don't have a clue who they are and didn't know Pit as well either until Kid Icarus: Uprising released, they still don't know him completely and some just call him Kid Icarus but he's more recognizable now.
If they developed a new Ice Climbers game before the next Smash Bros. game then there could be a complete change to the play-style of the Ice Climbers.
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