YR: Retro Studios revives Ice Climbers but changes it into...

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User Info: Rolanberry

3 years ago#21
I am fine with this.
As long as it support multiplayer.

User Info: GigerSupreme

3 years ago#22
PokemonYoutube posted...
I would like that, but I don't think Retro Studios would be the right team for the job. I think that the team behind Mario Galaxy would do it better.

how do you know?

people thought that too, when they going to make a donkey kong country game. turned out great.
just goes to show that you cant always assume these things.

User Info: GigerSupreme

3 years ago#23
MithrilMonarch posted...
Would rather have a 2D platformer.

we already have yoshi, kirby, donkey kong and mario doing side scrollers.

please, enough 2D platforrmers.

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

3 years ago#24
o___Okami posted...
"Why the hell are they digging up this outdated fossil instead of creating a new IP? Can they not let IPs die with dignity as opposed to digging them up and parading around their mangled corpses? Who is actually asking for this except for a few people from the Smash Brothers crowd? Is there a single person who has asked for they became playable in the Smash Brothers series?"

Nintendo isn't letting Retro make a new IP. That was a sore point with Retro a few years ago.
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User Info: AnotherSomebody

3 years ago#25
It would be hilarious if Retro tackled Ice Climbers, but somehow made it into a hyper realistic survival game about braving the harsh conditions of mountain environments. It would double as being from a franchise nobody wanted and in a form that confuses everyone. It would sell poorly and leave everyone scratching their heads, but I'd be smiling.

User Info: Xynaxus64

3 years ago#26
Avirosb posted...
I'm okay with this.
Metroid > All
Rayman will be in Smash... One day.

User Info: Avirosb

3 years ago#27
How about an survival action puzzle adventure co-op game where two players have to scale a mountain,
and the mountain layout, items and enemies are different every time?

With implemented voice chat (if online), only the voices become softer and more distorted depending on the distance between players and the weather conditions.
Console wars are like pissing contests. So yeah.

User Info: plasmatic5

3 years ago#28
Considering this is exactly what I want and a game I have been designing and very very very partially developed in Unity, I would be both happy and sad. I would be happy because yay! It's the game I want. I would be said because it wouldn't be the game I was going to create.
The problem with trolls is that you can't logic with them. The same goes for idiots.

User Info: Pokejedservo

3 years ago#29
NintendoLover25 posted...
Sounds good to me. After Kid Icarus Uprising, I'm all for more old IPs being brought back and re-imagined.

Same here
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User Info: Xynaxus64

3 years ago#30
Unless they somehow manage to turn it into a FPS.
Metroid > All
Rayman will be in Smash... One day.
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