Why are Wii U games $60?

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User Info: DerekRoss

3 years ago#1
Shouldn't it be $50? The hardware is much more limited than PS4/XO so developmental cost should be significantly cheaper. PS3 was $60 because of the cell and MS just copied with 360 staring with Gears which games originally cost $50. Why Nintendo Wii U though?

User Info: AceMos

3 years ago#2
no matter how you slice it HD costs more
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User Info: Granadico_

3 years ago#3
Shouldn't XB1/PS4 be cheaper then since they're both x86 (exactly like PCs) while Wii U is PowerPC?
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User Info: DarkAdonis123

3 years ago#4
AceMos posted...
no matter how you slice it HD costs more
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User Info: terrancejones

3 years ago#5

User Info: Baha05

3 years ago#6
Because it's the standard cost for games? 360/PS3/PX1/PS4/PC games all cost $60 new and retail.
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User Info: CammyApple

3 years ago#7
They are $60 because we accept that price.
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User Info: kdognumba1

3 years ago#8
DarkAdonis123 posted...
AceMos posted...
no matter how you slice it HD costs more
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User Info: slymshady

3 years ago#9
I buy all my games new, and I have never paid $60

Mario 3D world was 44.99 at my best buy on launch
DKC:TF was 19.99 as they messed up my preorder and I made a huge scene for them to honor the price

Others were purchased post launch

User Info: terrancejones

3 years ago#10
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