Purchasing a WiiU for son.

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User Info: Tech_Support

3 years ago#31
BoomerTheGreat posted...
I will warn you that you might want a WiiU for yourself if you use it.

Uhh no he won't don't worry.

Also TC great choice, this console was made for children, he will find it very easy to play.
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User Info: Master Alien

Master Alien
3 years ago#32
Cant really recommend a Wii U for a three year old kid. It will be another 2+ years before he will be able to play any non developmental/educational game enough to justify the purchase a console. I have 5 nieces and nephews in the range of 2-6 who at the age of 3 and later could handle those developmental matching games and the like on the ipad. The only game they can handle is MK and that just turns into 15 minute races where they are crashing head on into walls more than anything else. One is average development and another is "above average", showed them mario and they couldn't beat the first stage.

Also people shouldnt put down buying an ipad for such a young child. There is tons of material disguised as games that can really boost your childs development growing up + give them a nice head start heading into preschool/kindergarten
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