There should be a Death Note game for WiiU

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User Info: GREEN00

3 years ago#11
Good idea, shame it won't happen :(
My collection,

User Info: Snow-Dust

3 years ago#12
I can actually see it turn out to be a good game if executed right. Most likely a puzzle game or a detective game and in the end, you get choices of who the real culprit is and you write the one you think it is. Killing more innocent of course have consequences etc.

Overall, my point is, if Ace Attorney can be a great game with such a narrow idea. I dont see how this cant

User Info: AkaneJones

3 years ago#13
EmperorDoom posted...
Never really played any anime based games, but are there any good games based on an anime?

Depends various Dragon Ball Z & Naruto fighters, Magic Knight Rayearth on Saturn, The Astroboy game on GBA, Sailor Moon: Another Story on SNES(Japanese only), even the Wii One Piece game(Euro/Japan Only), Oh of course the entire Super Robot Wars series(Japanese only, atleased the ones that use Anime as a base), and both Keroro RPG(Sgt. Frog RPG) on DS & Heroes Phantasia on PSP are some examples. Most are made by Bandai Namco(Namco, Bandai, & Banpresto) and a few by Sega. Point is if it not made by them you might question it more.

The thing is though Death Note is over and done with they have no reason to create one. I can't even say if Death Note will enter the place Urusai Yatsura(Lum) and Dragon Ball occupy on they have ended up they keep making stuff for them anyway scale(I'm pretty sure Detective Conan and Shin Chan are still going so they don't count).

User Info: KillerSpecialK

3 years ago#14
There are, I think, at least 2 DS Death Note games. One relayed on you writing names in the Death Note IIRC. Google is your friend.
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