Nintendo games easily have the best music

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User Info: KaiserWarrior

3 years ago#21
Not necessarily better, just different.

Nintendo's games have stuck to the traditions of "video game music", catchy and relatively short themes with strong melodies. This is in keeping with their more game-like nature; Nintendo has eschewed the industry-wide push for "more cinematic" as a style, keeping their games firmly in the realm of "this is a video game", and thus they keep the music in-line with that. Others, meanwhile, try to make their games more and more like movies, and with that comes a shift to more cinematic-style scores. They can be pretty powerful, but they'll likely never be as catchy and easily-memorable simply because of the stylistic difference.

User Info: Opethian5

3 years ago#22
manmouse posted...
in the 3rd-4th-5th generations it was Squaresoft and Sega by a landslide. Nintendo games on SNES like SMWorld and Yoshi's Island ended up having repeating tracks over and over, like 4 songs across tons of levels. and in SMW's case, it was only one melody remixed a couple times for the level music. SMB3 also reused the same couple songs over and over, and yes it was just the NES but Final Fantasy 3(J) had soooo many great songs yet it was also on NES and still managed to push the limits in graphics and gameplay compared to prior FFs. and LoZ:ALttP had some cool music but not nearly the quality of later Zelda OST's.
the best music on a Nintendo IP in those days was in the DKC games, developed by Rare who were fortunately smarter about music's importance than Nintendo was.

but Square? with FF1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-Tactics, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Chrono Cross, etc, think of how many games that is, and realize that nearly every one of them is a contender for the best OST in gaming history.

I agree with this guy.

Nowadays videogame music is sadly more unmemorable overall but i would say nintendo is one of the better at making music nowadays.

User Info: AiuchiFanboi

3 years ago#23
Nintendo may have some of the blandest, unmemorable, overly clichéd music is the history of gaming. Its awful regurgitated crap that trys to harken back to the glory days when Nintendo had great memorable tunes that everyone knew.

I personally find that Sega and Squaresoft have always had the best soundtracks even to today. Even ff xiv Arr's soundtrack is ridiculously good even though the game is trash.

Music is subjective though...
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