What games should I add to my Wii U library?

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User Info: MercuryEnigma

3 years ago#1
So far I have:
Nintendo Land
Wind Waker HD
Mario Kart 8
MegaMan X

I'm thinking about adding Little Inferno, Child of Light, Minish Cap, and EarthBound to my collection. I'm a bit torn on DKC:TF. And I disliked SMB3DL, so I doubt I'll be getting SMB3DW.

Are there any other games I should get? Should I get DKC:TF?
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

3 years ago#2
lf you have even a passing interest in platformers, GET TF NOW. Seriously, it's a massive improvement over Returns even if it is a bit shorter, but l think Retro's creativity is at their highest with this game, and has pretty good bosses for a platformer.

User Info: Dark_SilverX

3 years ago#3
Shovel Knight!
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User Info: Snow-Dust

3 years ago#4
The only right answer:
The wonderful 101

User Info: Xynaxus64

3 years ago#5
Tropical Freeze and Rayman Legends
Metroid > All
Rayman will be in Smash... One day.
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