With all the "Sony is claiming ex-wii owners" topic...

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User Info: solidus9891

3 years ago#21
As a PS1 owner I can confirm I cut my teeth on the NES/SNES. The PS4's supply shortages are identical to the wii phenomenon, I don't doubt House's statement for a minute.

User Info: terranigma73

3 years ago#22
There is no shortage anymore here. |I see piles of boxes in gamestores now.

User Info: crazyman32

3 years ago#23
DroneCrusher posted...
The original Sony user base was created from mostly former Nintendo owners, so it doesn't surprise me. I remember reading a gaming magazine in the 90s that talked about a much larger % of SNES owners moving to the PS1 over N64.

Nintendo totally missed the boat this gen. Sony is gonna run with it. And I think MS is going to make a come back sometime in the next 2 years. The Xbox One is outselling the PS4 in North America. If it gets a bunch more exclusives like that new Halo game, I think its going to rebound. I don't see the Wii-U making a rebound. MK8 was the only chance the Wii-U had to make a rebound and it just isn't happening.

The PS4 is outselling the XB1 in NA but,it's definitely closer than the EU numbers.
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  3. With all the "Sony is claiming ex-wii owners" topic...

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