How often do you buy a new console/ handheld?

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User Info: sketchturner

3 years ago#11
So I feel like it's every 6 years or so. But doing the math the way TC recommended, it actually comes out every 2.1 years. Crazy!
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User Info: Granadico_

3 years ago#12
Average of 1 system per 1.5 years.
Not all personally mine, share between my brother, but yeah. I didn't know it was so much O_O
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User Info: arstos

3 years ago#13
Usually 1 a year till I have all of a generations systems I'm interested in. Ever since I got my first job as a paper boy 17 years ago lol, before that it was whenever I got one as a gift.

Since everyone's listing purchases I'll list my last few lol

2014 wii-u
2013 gaming PC and 3ds
2011 ps3
2010 ds
2009 psp
2008 wii

Planning on getting a vita and ps4 next year pribably
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User Info: Dannyson97

3 years ago#14
K here's I go.
Playstation 2 2001
Playstation 2 2002 replacement
Gameboy Advance 2002
GameCube 2004
Nintendo DS 2006
Wii 2007
DS 2008 Replacement
Wii 2011 replacement
Xbox 360 2011
NES 2012
3DS 2012
Nintendo 64 2012
2013 Wii U
Playstation 1 2013
Playstation 2 2013 Replacement
Sega Genesis 2014
That's 16 consoles in about 13 years. With plans to get another 360 replacement, and Xbox one in the future.
So that's 1.2 consoles every year.
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User Info: NintendoLover25

3 years ago#15
About 1 every 2 years is the average. I just get every Nintendo system as soon as it is released.

User Info: MasturCheeff

3 years ago#16
N64, GCN, Wii, Wii U
PS1, PS2, PS3
Xbox, 360

GB, GBC, GBA, DS, DS Lite, 3DS

Owned my first one 16 years ago.

About once every 11 months. Much more often than I would have thought.
I r guy.
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