Is the art of high scores lost?

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User Info: Mattatron42

3 years ago#21
You might want to check out TC. It is a whole community of high score chasers, and the games range from classic to current. I make submissions on there once in a while.
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User Info: Skill4Reel

3 years ago#22
Be careful, man. One of these kids might label you a "tryhard" for wanting to achieve the highest score possible on Pac-man. I honestly have never heard that ridiculous word before until a few years ago when on some gaming message board. These are the same people that buy a competitive team based online multiplayer shooter like Battlefield 4. Then they get online and aren't interested in helping their team win games at all. They instead spend the whole time ignoring the entire play structure of the game mode that they are in while instead doing individual tasks that get them unlocks and achievements. Ruining the experience for everyone else that is there to compete.

People play video games for all kinds of reasons now that have nothing to do with liking video games. They will even play games that they think are terrible. Games that they don't enjoy at all just to add to that gamer score. It's an addiction, but not in the "I love playing this game so I want to be the best at it" kind of way that getting the highest score in Pac-man is.

User Info: Shibuto

3 years ago#23
Granadico_ posted...
The exception is not the rule

Umm why not? Shmups is nothing but pure high scores...
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