What controller do you use the most?

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User Info: temgun

3 years ago#1
I'm actually using the classic controller the most. I find it more comfortable than the tablet controller and the battery life is actually good. It also helps that it works on pretty much all games.

User Info: Wow_Doe

3 years ago#2
Wii U Gamepad.
Even though it's a bit heavy for a controller and lacks the ergonomics that makes XBOX controllers so famous, it's the only one I have so...

User Info: RobotPirteGhost

3 years ago#3
Gamepad. It's the only controller I have besides Wiimote + Nunchuck.
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User Info: theFAKEsheridan

3 years ago#4
Classic controller pro.
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User Info: thanthen

3 years ago#5
wiiupro. floppad only if i kinda have to(wind waker)
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User Info: AiuchiFanboi

3 years ago#6
Pro controller followed by classic controller followed by Mario,Luigi,princess peach and Yoshi motes. Unless I am forced to use gamepad I never use it.
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User Info: kdognumba1

3 years ago#7
The gamepad. I like all the functionality of the controller and it allows me to respond to topics like this with ease.
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User Info: Rukumouru

3 years ago#8
If you mean on Wii U, the Gamepad. If you mean in general, the Xbox 360 controller for Windows, one of the newer versions that have black d-pads and sticks. Soon to be replaced by an Xbox One controller, as soon as they work out how to make it work wirelessly on PC.

User Info: MithrilMonarch

3 years ago#9
Most games - Wii U GamePad
Mario Kart 8 - Pro Controller
Virtual Console - Classic Controller Pro

For MK, I like being able to see the map, so I position the GamePad right below my TV set. As for VC, I simply can't play the old 2D games with either one, so I refer to my CCP and it's nice-sized D-Pad for that.
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User Info: heartlesshero17

3 years ago#10
Pro controller. I like thr gamepad, but pro controller is just a pretty sweet controller
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