Mighty Number 9: Ripoff or Spiritual Successor?

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User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

3 years ago#51
Well, nearly 30 people who have voted so far think it is a ripoff.

User Info: ColonelBlues

3 years ago#52
TomoEK9 posted...
Ghost-inZeShell posted...
TomoEK9 posted...
Ghost-inZeShell posted...
TomoEK9 posted...
I would say uninspired hypocrisy.

Inafune whined and moaned about how Japanese devs are stuck and can't come up with new or interesting ideas.

Then he goes and makes a Megaman clone. Yeah sure, real creative Inafune.

I think the idea is that it's a sequel to his own creation, but since Capcom owns it, this is the only way he can legally do it.

Which is fine, but he shouldn't complain about others making the same thing over when he is going to be doing it himself.

Did he?


I feel like we rarely see new creations from Japan. We stick to our memories and up-res a game or ship out an HD version. I feel like that's the upper limit that we're showing to our users today and that's not what they want."

Yes, he did.

Well if you take that literally, then he did not say it. He says people will just up-res stuff and re-release it. Mighty no. 9 may not be 100% unique, but it IS technically new.
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User Info: Gensokyo

3 years ago#53
Lol, ripoff isn't even a legit option in this poll.
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User Info: MaplesGrandGM

3 years ago#54
Obviously a successor, Capcom all but abandoned MegaMan, and Inafune is the original creator of that series anyway.

This game seems fun, and new enough for me. Though, I never needed anything too new in MegaMan/X/Z/ZX. All sequels were mostly re-skins anyway.

This, and Azure Striker, are 2 of my currently most anticipated games. Along with the likes of SSB, Arkham Knight, and more.
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User Info: GenjiRed

3 years ago#55
TomoEK9 posted...
Stanger5150 posted...
As others have already said (and they were ignored for some reason), Inafune DID NOT CREATE MEGA MAN!

Akira Kitamura did. Mega Man already existed before Inafune was hired.

He was the one put in charge of developing the series as well as designed and
drew pretty much everything from the original series.

Kitamura may have designed Megaman himself, but everything else is pure Inafune.

Well Mega Man 1 was considered a failure by Capcom and it was Tokuro Fujiwara who went behind Capcom's back and constructed a team to make Mega Man 2. Fujiwara was pretty much the brains behind almost all of Capcom's must successful franchises in the 80s and 90s. This guy even create Ghost'n'Goblins and Breath of Fire while leading the Mega Man franchise towards its prime, but of course he is often considered an unknown. He also created Tomba when he left Capcom temporary.

I'm just saying that you can't say that everything was pure Inafune when Fujiwara probably had one of the biggest impact on the Mega Man franchise and would make them even when the Capcom tried to pull the plug on the franchise on several occasions.

Edit: Also Fujiwara is known for adding extreme difficulty in games that he develops.
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User Info: TomoEK9

3 years ago#56
ColonelBlues posted...

Well if you take that literally, then he did not say it. He says people will just up-res stuff and re-release it. Mighty no. 9 may not be 100% unique, but it IS technically new.

Inafune himself has stated that if Capcom is willing to back it and call it Megaman, he would jump at the opportunity.

Its not new, its Megaman re-skinned. The only thing stopping him from calling it Megaman are legal issues.

User Info: n00bsaib0t

3 years ago#57
Christopher Belmont posted...
Wow, some people REALLY need to learn their Mega Man/Capcom history...

Mighty No. 9 exists because Keiji Inafune (the bloody CREATOR of Mega Man) approached Capcom about a new Mega Man game and they denied him. So he set out to make the game anyway. Since Capcom owns the rights to HIS creations, he started the Kickstarter page. The fans spoke with their dollars, spat in Capcom's face and the game we're getting IS the Mega Man game Inafune planned to make but with different characters.

A ripoff? Don't make topics like this if you have idea what the backstory is...
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You're the one that needs the history lesson. Inafune didn't create Mega Man. He drew what became the final Mega Man design. It's not his game, it's not his creation. All he came up with was what Mega Man would look like. It took years before he moved from art guy to developer, Mega Man was very established when it became Inafune's baby.
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User Info: GeminiX7

3 years ago#58
1shadetail1 posted...
GeminiX7 posted...
2. You CAN rip off your own idea if you sell the rights to that idea to someone else.

Nonsense. If you came up with the idea, then you aren't ripping it off. Who owns the IP rights is completely irrelevant here.

1. Again, he didn't actually come up with Megaman conceptually. Just made the final design.
2. Why wouldn't rights be relevant here? Many of us agree that if he wasn't the creator it'd undoubtably be a ripoff, and besides the fact that he isn't actually the creator of MM, he doesn't have any legal rights to ownership over the ideas anyway. It's not like Capcom (or anyone else who buys rights to IPs) stole the idea from him in the middle of the night. The person willingly sells the idea to a company on the conditions that they are getting compensated and the company owns the idea. If I later go and make a "new" game thats pretty much a carbon copy of that idea, then it's a ripoff. Even if I originally came up with that idea.

And again, he didn't actually come up with that idea.
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