What is your favorite weapon/ability from Metroid.

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User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

3 years ago#1
You can also post your favorite one from each game.


Super Missile from Zero Mission
Ice Beam from M2: ROS
Hyper Beam from Super (I'm betting that this will be a common favorite)
Screw Attack from Fusion

Plasma beam from Prime
Annihilator beam from Echoes
Nova beam from Corruption

Note that you don't have to choose the strongest, most obvious choice.
Choose what you personally enjoyed the most.
Maybe post why.

User Info: AceMos

3 years ago#2
Hyper from super

light suit from prime 2
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User Info: srzg

3 years ago#3
Space Jump
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User Info: Nairodmatic

3 years ago#4
Screw attack. Metroid.
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User Info: KaiserWarrior

3 years ago#5
Metroid: Missile. It was a pivotal powerup that established the 'feel' of Metroid: Find powerups, get stronger, go new places.

Metroid II, Return of Samus: Spiderball. At the time a completely unique powerup that really opened the world up, letting you crawl around the caverns at will.

Super Metroid: Grapple Beam. More than any other piece of equipment in Super Metroid, this established the flavor of the game. A completely optional piece of equipment that was never actually needed to finish the game, if you knew what you were doing, but was incredibly handy to have by making a lot of sections far easier, and actually being a great tool for killing certain enemies that were otherwise incredibly tough to kill.

Metroid Fusion: Ice Diffusion Missile. One of the few genuinely new parts of Fusion, marking its differences from the previous games. There's not a whole lot to love about Fusion, but charging your missiles was one of them.

Metroid Prime: Ice Beam. Watching the cannon freeze over when you charged it was totally awesome, and went a long way towards supporting Prime's trademark sense of immersion.

Metroid Prime 2, Echoes: Echo Visor. As disappointingly under-utilized as it was, it nonetheless bolstered the whole vision modes concept with a totally unique way of seeing the world that no other game has ever done. I just wish that more of the game could viably be played with it.

Metroid Prime 3, Corruption: Probably the Grapple Beam for its new in-combat application of tearing off shields. Honestly, Corruption was kind of weak on the powerups overall.

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User Info: stiggamingcosin

3 years ago#6
the power suit from all the games.
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User Info: JamesLiv1

3 years ago#7
My favorite of the entire series; Seeker Missile launcher.
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User Info: Granadico_

3 years ago#8
Either the Space Jump, Screw Attack, or the one that makes you run fast (forgot the name)
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User Info: MetroidOtherM2

3 years ago#9
The Super missiles in Metroid Other M

User Info: majorasmaskfan

3 years ago#10
The boost ball was fun.
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