Is the Wii U's specs holding it back from next gen type games?

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User Info: Asturaetus

3 years ago#31
Not the specs are holding the WiiU back - the coming games could all very well be scaled to work on its hardware. It is very much in the interest of the devs themselfes that their customerbase settles mostly on PS4/XBone. Supporting a third console and therefore seggregating the market even further would for them unnecessarily increase costs. So why should they propagate such a course of action?

User Info: rtkamb1770

3 years ago#32
I think if Nintendo was as worried about their sales data as gamefaqs was, then they would be doing more to move consoles. A couple great first party's aren't going to bringing in the big developers, but they probably knew that. Not fighting to get those AAA titles are keeping people from buying the Wii U, but Nintendo new that too. Making a console that is not as powerful as the generation of consoles that wasn't out yet is also going to cause problems, but they knew that too. I could go on and on, but I think we can all see where this is going.

User Info: arvilino

3 years ago#33
BloomWaker posted...
AC: Unity for example uses a pretty fancy new engine. I wonder if that's why more and more games are skipping it.

Assassin’s Creed Unity thanks to power of the Ubisoft’s new miracle worker, the Anvil engine.

For all they're talking it up in that video theres some pretty observable flaws in the engine. The assassin moves through the air like he's gliding and I saw points where NPCs in the crowd would just pop into existence.

The most impressive things in that video are the things that had nothing to do with gameplay(and no I'm not impressed by autoplatforming parkour).
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User Info: Skill4Reel

3 years ago#34
Eoin posted...

With Unity, you're claiming that they really are consciously throwing away the chance to make money - that they could easily make the game on other platforms, but just couldn't be bothered.

The PS4/Xbox One market is almost entirely a subset of the PS3/Xbox 360 market. There are many millions of people who own a PS3 and/or Xbox 360 who don't own a PS4 and/or Xbox One. The reverse is not true - nearly all PS4/Xbox One owners have a PS3 and/or Xbox 360.

Just about everyone who could have bought ACIV on a PS4 or Xbox One instead of a PS3 or Xbox 360 did so. If ACIV had released last year on just PS4 and Xbox One, almost all PS3 and Xbox 360 sales would have been lost. The same will hold true this year. Unity's sales will be lower than ACIV's sales (the heavily rumoured PS3/360 AC game is an attempt to stem those losses).

Of course sales will be lower because less platforms equals less sales. No one is arguing this. Last year was a transition year. Either a lot of people were going to buy the newer consoles and ACIV, and not buy the last gen versions. Then the opposite could have happened where the newer consoles didn't sell as many copies of the game as the previous generation. Either way, Ubisoft was not willing to take that risk last year.

What last year's release of ACIV did not provide Ubisoft in any way being on four (excluding PC and Wii U) different console platforms was any significant growth in it's largest player base. In fact as I've already stated. They've sold about the same amount of copies on all four of those platforms as they did with ACIII the previous year on two of them. Remember this?

I'm sure Ubisoft was expecting the eventual release of the "next gen" consoles to put sales of ACIV over the top, and that didn't happen. Which is exactly why they are putting their eggs in two baskets (XB1/PS4) putting them back into the same development cycle that they were in with this series the entire previous generation. Which also btw is less costly.

Two fewer versions to produce (no Wii U version either) and they can live with millions fewer in sales. Hey, this reasoning makes sense all of the time when third parties don't make Wii U games, so why not now? Also the hype and marketing of the "true next gen" AC plus the larger install base on PS4/XB1 from what they were last year insures that they sell more copies of ACU on these platforms now than they did with ACIV.

I wouldn't be shocked at all if whatever XB360/PS3 AC game that is rumored never happens.

User Info: xTrafalgarLaw

3 years ago#35
That's is no a spec problem.. The Wii U isn't weak.. it's different.

Well you know ..The trade-off, of course, is that each console generally requires game developers to learn an entirely new hardware architecture, and how to use the new developer toolkit. But not with PS4 and Xone they choose the easy way.. While the shift to x86 will certainly help developers, (Way easier to make games..) it’s also an implicit admission from Microsoft and Sony that their next-gen consoles are as much about games playing as watching Netflix.. share things on social network.. broadcast for twitch.

And that's why the Wii U have no 3rd parties support.. Games ported from x86 to the Wii U wont have the best perfomace.. you know.. it's a harder way to programming games.. and yes that's why games ported to the Wii U doesn't have the same perfomace that Mario Kart 8.

But they chose x86.. with the Jaguar CPU that it's no built for games.. its a laptop CPU
They'll have no big evolution over the years like past generations

User Info: godplaysSNES

3 years ago#36
tizzywilkillyou posted...
godplaysSNES posted...
Yep. The Wii U is too weak to handle ports from the PS4/Xbone.
It's in an even worse spot than the Wii was in terms of 3rd party support since it's selling very badly.

People always make statements like this, having zero relevant technical knowledge.

The Wii U could get PS4bone ports if the devs put in the effort. It'd be a much easier job than PS360 -> Wii down ports (which did get done on occasion with "okay" results). The architecture (despite being powerpc vs x86) is actually a lot closer, as are the GPU feature sets.

It's more the low sales of software and hardware that make it not worth their while.

EDIT: Your subsequent post is somewhat contradictory, and it shows you're not t total technical moron. Therefore why make blanket general statements like "it's too weak"? Makes you look ignorant. The weakness certainly isn't doing it any favors, but it's not an insurmountable hurdle. It's just not worth "surmounting" for hardly anybody at this point.

I think it's a very generous statement to say that porting PS4/Xbone games to the Wii U is easier than porting 360/PS3 games to the Wii.

We still haven't had any clear confirmations if the Wii U is truly DX11/OpenGL4 class hardware.

But let's make it easy and say that the Wii U's GPU supports all the features the PS4/Xbone GPUs have. Theoretically, all the games released for the PS4/Xbone could be ported to the Wii U relatively easily. Lower the resolution and other effects and you'd be able to put the games on the Wii U.

But then there's the CPU. The Wii U only have three cores in total (unknown OS reservation) whereas the PS4 and Xbox One have six cores available for gaming.
There's nothing that suggests the Wii U's CPU is comparable to the Jaguar CPU even on a core to core basis. Graphics are quite easily scaled down, but scaling down typical CPU tasks like AI is another story.
And for the vast majority of multiplats, it's in typically CPU-bound scenarios the Wii U versions are falling behind the PS3 and 360 versions.

Then there's the RAM as well. Wii U has 1GB available for gaming, and the PS4/Xbone have 5GB available. For example, the map size and amount of pop-ins would suffer on Wii U versions.
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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
3 years ago#37
Some of the games probably can run on Wii U with lesser visuals, but what's the point. Everyone will buy them on PS4/XB or PC.

Most people want a standard controller, top of the market power, a big online network, and lots of storage. The Wii U has none of that outside of an optional standard controller.

Wii U is great if you like Nintendo franchises...other than that, not so much.

User Info: sanjeust

3 years ago#38
Wii_Truth posted...
Somewhat, but the larger issue is developer apathy towards Nintendo.

The real issue is third party apathy towards the Wii U.

User Info: blundermine

3 years ago#39
Partly specs. partly architecture.

User Info: Eoin

3 years ago#40
Skill4Reel posted...
I'm sure Ubisoft was expecting the eventual release of the "next gen" consoles to put sales of ACIV over the top, and that didn't happen.


Ubisoft knew that ACIII sold in exceptionally large numbers (since it was hugely hyped and since it was the first "numbered" game for three years) and they knew that it damaged the brand a bit, so they knew Black Flag would sell less. Your assumptions about their expectations don't match the reality.

Skill4Reel posted...
Two fewer versions to produce (no Wii U version either) and they can live with millions fewer in sales.

It's not two fewer versions to produce. They're still making an AC game on PS3 and Xbox 360 (and maybe Wii U).

Skill4Reel posted...
I wouldn't be shocked at all if whatever XB360/PS3 AC game that is rumored never happens.

The rumours aren't about the games existence. The game is definitely coming. The rumours are what platforms it's on, what it's called, when it'll be set, and how close it'll be to Black Flag.
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