Do You Fill Out Club Nintendo Surveys Honestly?

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User Info: SideShowBatt

3 years ago#31
I do.
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User Info: NovaLevossida

3 years ago#32
I let them know when they do something right. I let them know when they do something wrong or a service is inadequate.
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User Info: wake_me_420

3 years ago#33
Well, I am honest with some answers like scoring and quick opinions. but just randomly check boxes on where I heard about the game etc. Literally had 17 to do today so just wanted to get them done lol
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User Info: kreegan64

3 years ago#34
Yes, with every game.
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User Info: powerclaw1

3 years ago#35
Most of the time yes because bad CN surveys about Super Paper Mario is how Sticker Star...happened.
When life throws you a curveball, throw it back with maximum force.

User Info: ElectricMole

3 years ago#36
I answered every question honestly, except for text box answers where I wrote "Localize Fatal Frame 5!" over and over.
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User Info: ssringo

3 years ago#37
Don't buy enough games to warrant an abundance of surveys so I answer honestly except for that time the survey crapped out and I had to redo it. Then I just clicked to get through it.
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User Info: snowboard340

3 years ago#38
I did because i thought i was going to get rewarded well for helping out nintendo, but after this years club rewards, i'll just fill them out as quick as possible.
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