Who else is NOT buying Mario Party 10?

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User Info: mooocooow02

3 years ago#2
I am also not buying a lot of games...
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User Info: burningxbridges

3 years ago#4
If it comes out, and the consensus is that's it's worth it, I'll consider it. But after the last X amount of Mario Party games... I dunno, man. Mario Party 2 will always be there.

User Info: guedesbrawl

3 years ago#5
i won't mostly because i don't have many opportunities to gather people for the purchase to be worthy, seeing as games are expensive here in brazil, i must choose very carefully.
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User Info: bigjnyc

3 years ago#6
I hate Mario Party I never like those games so I won't ever buy one.
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User Info: SyCo_VeNoM

3 years ago#7
As I've not bought a single mario party to date so chances are very high I will skip 10 also. Not that I haven't played them as my nephews love them, and I have played against them just I don't care for the game.

User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
3 years ago#8
Yeah, I've never bought a single Mario Party, so I don't see that changing.

A buddy rented one of the GC ones once when I was over and I didn't see the appeal really. Plus it's so rare these days to have a bunch of people over at once that whatever charm the series does have is lost in single or two player.
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User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#9
I'm not
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User Info: BringerOfPie

3 years ago#10
I bought the first 6 Mario Parties, and I regret buying the last few of those, so it's safe to say I'll be skipping 10.
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