So wii u isnt dead anymore?

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User Info: Setzera

3 years ago#51
Having never considered a Wii U before E3, I went from definitely will not purchase, to owning one already. I'd say they did quite well.

The biggest sellers for me were Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (which reminded me of my PSO DC days), and Super Mario 3D World (a great local co-op game).

PS4 dropped to my 2015 possibilities instead of 2014, and Xbone went from "avoid like the plague", to "yep, avoiding like the plague". I never thought I'd own a Wii U and enjoy it, but it's getting as much play time as my PC now.
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User Info: Gamerguymass

3 years ago#52
Heracylost posted...
pillsburyboy22 posted...
Heracylost posted...
pillsburyboy22 posted...
The only people who thought the Wii U was dead were the people who blindly listen to the big gaming websites without using their own brain. Just because it doesn't sell as well as something else doesn't mean it was a failure. The Wii U may have been selling less than expected but it was nowhere near a "dead" console. It's no Dreamcast, and sure as hell isn't the new Atari 2600.

The same thing happened with the Ouya. It didn't sell well so suddenly all the gaming websites decided to overreact and claim it was a complete failure. Now if you ask anyone about the Ouya the typical response is, "Oh the console that plays cheap cell phone ports. Lulz. I'm too cool for that." Guess what, the Ouya still exists and they plan on releasing the Ouya 2 later this year. Not that anyone would know that from reading IGN or Gamespot though.

Don't blaspheme! Dreamcast is a great system, has a ton of great games.
Can't say the same for the U. My U is packed away. Dreamcast is hooked up tho.

I'm not saying Dreamcast wasn't a good system. It was an objective failure simply because they abandoned the platform.

And saying the Wii U doesn't have good games is completely your opinion.

I, personally, can't stand shooters. If you remove shooters from the PS4 and XB1 lineups, Wii U has by far the best lineup as far as I am concerned.

But in comparison to the PS3/360. The U may as well be a VirtualBoy game wise.
Not a huge fan of shooters either, hence I don't have a Xbone or PS4. But games are coming. The U, 3-4 games in the remainder of the year? On a already older system. Not gonna hold my attention long. Come on be realistic.
My Wii/U collection maybe 25-30 games?
My PS3/360 collection somewhere over 120-140 games.

That's just sad. It's a companion system at best. At worst its a novelty.

Do you honestly not understand how stupid of a statement this is? You claim the Wii U isnt a good system because after less then two years you "only" have 25-30 games? But then to make what you said even more asinine you say it isnt very good because you have more games on not one, but TWO systems that have each been out for nearly eight and nine years. By far the dumbest post in this thread.
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User Info: Chargrilled

3 years ago#53
it was never dead to begin with seeing as nintendo still manufacture and sell them.
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User Info: Zareth

3 years ago#54
It's more alive than the Vita, that's for sure.
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User Info: jairusmonillas

3 years ago#55
Wii U is almost 2 years and it's still lacking support. And Xbox One will soon outsell it. that's how bad it is.
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User Info: MasterDarken

3 years ago#56
Vidgmchtr posted...
It was never really dead to begin with

User Info: Who_Dat504

3 years ago#57
DiscostewSM posted...
ThunderSeal posted...
crucial posted...
No because it's not getting anything this year except Smash with zero 3rd party support and MK8 will be the worst MK when it comes to game sales and Wii U has all ready died a little after the release of MK8,360 outsold Wii U last week,it will get little boost's 2 or 3 times a year with each exclusive released,people now are just using it as there 2nd or 3rd console as a back up,mine is not even hooked up until Zelda or Star Fox is released,no 3rd party support just kills any console,it was never dead and won't flat line but its going to finish in dead last and sell less then GC.

So why is the 3DS such a success?

Because Nintendoes what others can't.

The thing with Gamecube's 20 million is that even though it didn't sell nearly as much as PS2, Nintendo still made money off of it. so, even if Wii U sells less, if they at least make money on it, then it's not a total loss.

Things or a lot different now then in the GameCube days. The GameCube was really cheap to make that is how Nintendo was able to drop it to $99 so fast, plus games are way more expensive to make then back then.
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User Info: SBias73

3 years ago#58
120-140 games.....

This is a big problem in this industry.

I actually know a guy that has almost 200 PS3 games. I don't want to be that guy.

I don't want to become my father. But I am going to become my father. Back in my day we got Super Metroid, and we played it. And played it. And played it some more. Up, down, left, right we played it. We played it at friend's houses. We played it till we could speed run it, or glitch it, Whatever. I played Tecmo Bowl for two years! Let's see Madden last me more then a month.

I see the point about missing certain third party games, but when is enough enough? Do you actually need a game a week?
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User Info: silentghost77

3 years ago#59
I wouldn't say the Wii U was exactly dead before, it just didn't have the advertisements or enough popular franchises to give mass appeal. With the exception of the 2 Mario Bros. Games before Mario Kart 8, what popular franchises were represented? Pikmin got a game, but that series isn't really mass appeal. Donkey Kong got a game, but I want to say it does not provide as much mass appeal as other franchises. We got Zelda, but it was a remake. It's because of these I believe Wii U sales were down. However, now we have Mario Kart 8. We have Smash Bros. Coming in the near future. We have a brand new Zelda game as early as next year. Those series will sell the system, then people will buy the other series that are already out.

Tl;Dr= Wii U got popular series, sales went way up
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User Info: Nemerlight

3 years ago#60
Big games like Zelda, Smash Bros and MK will always sell but system needs way more games if they want to compete with PS4/Xbox1. Even little sad Vita gets more 3rd party support.
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