Mega Man Battle Network coming to NA VC next week

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User Info: AllstarJason

3 years ago#21
I still own the original carts, but nice to see other people get the chance to play this great series.

brentendo3 posted...
I've only played 2-4, how is the first one?

First one was okay IIRC but definitely weaker than 2 and 3. 4 is a stain on the series. 5 some people hate but I liked it quite a bit (I enjoyed the liberation missions, sue me >_>), 6 was pretty good too.
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User Info: AileWing

3 years ago#22
brentendo3 posted...
I've only played 2-4, how is the first one?

It's ok. Everything's a bit slower, and your health recovers after every fight. The big problem, at least for me, is you get lost easily due to the cyberworld layouts being borderline maze-like. It doesn't help that every area in the net has the same background and the game doesn't tell you where you are when you pause the screen like it does in later games.
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User Info: Marcster1994

3 years ago#23
I'm going to wait until 2 and 3 if they ever come here.
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User Info: Soeroah

3 years ago#24
3 was licensed in Australia, which is what tipped off the online community that the series was likely being made available on the Wii U.

I hope they are coming to Aus at the same time as the US, though.
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User Info: Dark_SilverX

3 years ago#25
First one is too outdated. The music is great in it tho
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User Info: GollyFluff

3 years ago#26
I'll get them all except 4. Well... maybe I'll get 4 too. I just love the series waaaay too much.
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User Info: georgethecow4

3 years ago#27
This was by far my favorite series as a kid. I cannot wait to play through it all again.
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User Info: nebula2

3 years ago#28
It's coming out TODAY here in europe I played all MMBN games and love the series ^^
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User Info: DTY3

3 years ago#29
R_Hunter posted...
Demon_Acker posted...
The annoying thing with MMBN3 is that you needed both versions if you wanted all the cards

They need to change that somehow, if they add it on the VC

Online trading perhaps?

And if they're going to do this, release the entire series.

It'll be single player and seven bucks.

They've been taking a dollar off the games that have prominent multiplayer capabilities and for all around small games.

Amazing Mirror, FZero, and Mario Tennis are seven bucks.

User Info: Hirokey123

3 years ago#30
I'd be disappointed if they release MMBN3 without some sort of change to make it possible to 100% it. Also I really hope they release 5 and especially 6 as I consider 6 right up there with 3.
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