Who's the most annoying character in a video game ever?

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  3. Who's the most annoying character in a video game ever?

User Info: jdh1996

3 years ago#1
We all know the usual picks navi slippy and such but who on earth do you think tops that at being the most annoying character?

User Info: SegavsCapcom

3 years ago#2
Fi is like ten Navis all talking at once.
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User Info: CubeTV

3 years ago#3
Mii's. I'm playing Wii Party U right now and they just feel so... soulless and empty which is pretty annoying. Even more so because the only times they do have expressions are on the non-Wii systems (Nintendo 3DS) but when they do on the Wii systems (Mario Kart), it's annoying to deal with.
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User Info: bigslim816

3 years ago#4
Jimmy from GTA 5
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User Info: random_man9119

3 years ago#5
Borderlands 1 CL4P-TP/ClapTrap...

"You have available missions in Fyrestone!"
"You have available missions on the Bounty Board!"

Hearing that every 10 minutes gets annoying... Pretty much forces you to do any/every mission to get him to stop...
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User Info: Snow-Dust

3 years ago#6
SegavsCapcom posted...
Fi is like ten Navis all talking at once.

You are seriously over exaggerating, fi is like able and mid a is the truly annoying. One people love to hop on band wagons

User Info: Iokua

3 years ago#7
Heropon Riki.
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User Info: Terminatoor7

3 years ago#8
Fuka or Axel from Disgaea.
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User Info: Lucretia_Merces

3 years ago#9
Prince Charmles from Dragon Quest VIII.
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

3 years ago#10
The Eggplant Wizard - Kid Icarus (NES)
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