Aside from Smash Bros. what other games could help Wii U sales?

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User Info: Droogie4Ever

3 years ago#11
Well I know my main disappointment in the Wii U is the lack of horror games. Not that the other consoles have an abundance of them (I own a Wii and a 360 and there are more horror games on the 360 but still not a ton). But the Wii at least had 5 Resident Evil games, a Silent Hill game, the Obscure sequel, plenty to keep me playing it while my girlfriend went out and got every game she wanted like Mario and Zelda.

The Wii U though only has like Resident Evil: Revelations (already got it for 360) and Zombie U which although most people hated it doesn't look that bad to me. I'm still not buying a console for one game though. If Nintendo would put out a few more horror games though I'd go straight to the store and buy one. Then, after getting the new games I'd even go find Zombie U somewhere. Horror determines my purchases and right now none of the next-gen consoles have my attention. Wii U has Zombie U, Xbox One has Dead Rising 3, PS4 has the Remastered Last of Us game but that's pretty much it. Until any of them increase their catalog I'm not committing. If Nintendo wants me to buy their console they'll put out some horror games.

I will purchase two of the three new consoles depending on the games. Last gen was 360 and Wii and I was hoping that this gen would be PS4 and Wii U but if Wii U's not up to the task of bringing me something scary to play then I'll go with the Xbox One. Simple as that.

User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#12
Fatal Frame V
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User Info: samurott20

3 years ago#13
Splatoon had huge interest during E3 so maybe that would help.

User Info: Droogie4Ever

3 years ago#14
Megamushroom666 posted...
Fatal Frame V

There's still no word on an American release for this game though. And because some of the others never got an American release either, I've never played most of them. Great series that deserves respect and definitely would sway me on purchasing a new console but I need to know it's coming for sure first.

User Info: Street_Overlord

3 years ago#15
What if they made a bunch of JRPGs and FPS games? Would they attract any attention from Sony/Microsoft fans? They loves those types of games to death!

User Info: Droogie4Ever

3 years ago#16
I'd be ok with the JRPG's but I don't really care for FPS games. Far Cry 3 was ok but they can keep Call of Duty and Halo - never liked either of them. Don't really want to play Destiny or Titanfall either.

Horror is the swaying vote for me. I play a lot of RPG's/JRPG's in between horror titles (since no one releases that many of those) and that's definitely a small factor in the decisions I make but I can find a million RPG's/JRG's on the consoles I already own to keep me satisfied. The Wii can play Wii and Gamecube games - plenty of RPG/JRPG and even some horror there. The 360 can play 360, some regular xbox games, and I can download some others and throw some of those indie horror titles in for good measure. The PS2 (old but still pretty descent for stuff that hasn't been remade yet) can play PS2 and PS1 titles and then I can use the PC or laptop for the rest. Now that Dead Rising 3 is coming to PC the Xbox One has dropped to the bottom of my list. PS4 is holding a very slim lead over the Wii U mainly because I know that eventually they will have some decent stuff and the hardware is better than the Wii U.

Still, since FPS are so popular with most people it may sway them a little. But since most people agree that the Wii U can't match the hardware capabilities of the PS4 or X One I think most people who play those types of games will go with one of those instead of the Wii U even if they do put a few of those out. Usually people go with Nintendo, not for the power of the system, but for exclusives and a unique gaming experience you can't get on the other consoles.

The Wii U is lucky that The Evil Within is coming to 360 because if it was only PS4 and X One I'd be choosing one of those right now so I can get it when it comes out in October. Beyond that though it all depends on "What horror games are coming that I can only get on X system?" X being whatever system has a few decent horror titles to choose from that I can't play on any of my current stuff.

Even if they made more JRPG and FPS games would that be enough to pick up the Wii U sales? If classic Nintendo IP's don't sway people then what can? I just know if they throw a few more horror titles out there then they've got my money because my girlfriend loves their exclusives so if I can get down on some horror and let her have Mario/Zelda/Metroid/etc. then I'm good with that.

User Info: Run_2_the_Hills

3 years ago#17
Street_Overlord posted...
What if they made a bunch of JRPGs and FPS games? Would they attract any attention from Sony/Microsoft fans? They loves those types of games to death!

jrpg's dont sell much.

User Info: mashu

3 years ago#18
Most individual JRPGs might not sell a lot (a select few do), but I would argue that the genre sells systems when taken as a whole, which in turn sells more games from other genre on said systems. They aren't the only selling point for the 3DS or Vita of course, but I know a lot of people who got one or both systems simply because of that.

I wish the Wii U would become a console that has a fair amount of JRPGs, SRPGs and various Japanese-developed games of the type that mostly have moved to handhelds last gen. That combined with Nintendo's first party efforts would make it a strong console that offers so much that's different than the PS4/X1/PC. Not that I hold out any real hope for this. I'll just be happy to take the couple JRPGs not on handhelds that we actually do get this gen.

User Info: xxxxxn

3 years ago#19
Legend of Zelda exclusive game for WiiU only.
Paper Mario game that isn't like Sticker Star and is more like TTYD exclusive for WiiU.

User Info: retrogoods

3 years ago#20
Zelda, but that's next year. To the ones that suggest RPGs, the Wii U needs more than that genre.
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