Aside from Smash Bros. what other games could help Wii U sales?

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User Info: majorasmaskfan

2 years ago#31

User Info: Granadico_

2 years ago#32
Slave 1 posted...
Granadico_ posted...
Slave 1 posted...
Another Smash Bros game. Seriously. Nintendo should think about releasing one every 2 years. It's tailor-made to be an evergreen franchise since it is constantly taking the pulse of gaming every few years. Why not shorten the cycle? I think everyone would agree that the wait between Smash games is too damn long. Smash is hugely popular for a year and then it fades into the background for 4-5 years until development on the next one ramps up again. Can you imagine if it took 6 1/2 years to make a sequel to every movie franchise you like?

Continuous development of the franchise would allow for better responsiveness to fans and it would allow for popular franchises to be incorporated more quickly, thereby boosting those series as well. The last Smash was so damn long ago that it didn't even have content from Super Mario Galaxy for crying out loud. If a kid learns about video games from Smash, what has he learned since 2007 when Brawl was finalized? Brawl hasn't been much use in boosting other franchises for years now. It's ancient news.

My point is, Nintendo needs to forget about their "one per generation" rule for Smash. It's an archaic mentality for one of their most popular franchises because it's a unique franchise that's in the position of never having too much content. Putting a Smash game out more often (as well as developing a robust online mode) would keep it in the public mind more often and for longer periods of time. In addition, the game naturally promotes all the games represented within it. It's a giant advertisement for the Wii U and the Nintendo brand. Nintendo should kick it up a few notches and keep pumping them out. Gamers will eat it up.

This could easily be solved with DLC.
Also, its not in development for 6 years. They barely started development after Kid Icarus Uprising was finished, which means a 2 or 3 year at most dev cycle.

I have my doubts that Nintendo will ever be fully on board with a major DLC pack due to the Wii U's lack of a serious hard drive. And DLC isn't as kid friendly as retail. Also, let's be honest, if Nintendo wants to make money and move units, they would release a new game at retail every time. People will buy it and Nintendo gets the numbers and money they want.

Reread my post, I never said they develop Smash for 6 years. They basically start when they feel like it, which is dumb for this franchise. They should have teams continuously developing content for Smash and putting it into new releases every few years.

idk about. I wouldn't want Smash to turn into Street Fighter, where there's a new "game" every year or so but its nearly the same. Their policy has pretty much always been 1 game per franchise per gen. There's few exceptions, and Smash definitely isn't one of them.
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User Info: FullMetalPanic

2 years ago#33
Animal Crossing.
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User Info: Theguysayhi

2 years ago#34
First person Ace Attorney.

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