What Gold gift should I get?

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User Info: KingKilvas

3 years ago#1
Which game should I get from Club Nintendo? - Results (31 votes)
Ice Climber
3.23% (1 votes)
Kid Icarus
9.68% (3 votes)
Donkey Kong 3
0% (0 votes)
Wario Land 2
25.81% (8 votes)
16.13% (5 votes)
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
45.16% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I have Zelda II and Super Mario Bros. already so that's why they aren't in the poll. I've never played a game in the Wario Land series or the Super Mario Land series.

What's your opinion on these games?
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User Info: Stanger5150

3 years ago#2
All can be good depending on your taste. I'll try to provide a little insight into each one without forcing my personal opinion on you.

Ice Climber, Kid Icarus, and Metroid- These will require a lot of patience. Ice Climber and Kid Icarus are very challenging, and the platforming of Ice Climber will take a particularly long time to get used to. Metroid has no map so expect to get lost a lot unless you draw your own or use a walkthrough. It's not as hard as the other two, but it will likely take more time to get in to due to its less straight forward nature.

Donkey Kong 3- Like DK Jr is to the original, DK 3 is completely different. This one stars an exterminator named Stanley and features different mechanics. Your goal is to spray Donkey Kong until he reaches the top of the screen and hits bee hives. It's the least respected of the trilogy overall, but it's just as unique as the other two. It's a fun game full of arcade-style challenge.

Wario Land 2- This is a bit of an anomally in the Wario Land series due to the fact that you cannot die. Many would be turned off by this, but I still find it fun. I recommend it, but I also recommend you start with Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 to introduce you to the Wario Land series. Unfortunately, you'll likely miss out on the excellent Virtual Boy entry in the series, but you should be fine without it.

Super Mario Land 2- Think of an easier, shorter Super Mario World on Game Boy. That's what SML 2 is. It's a very fun game with some of the most unique level design concepts in the entire main Mario series. The slightly floaty physics will take some adjustment if you're used to the original console Mario games, but you should adjust fine. I also recommend the original Super Mario Land, which is basically a shorter SMB 1 on acid.
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User Info: STBadly

3 years ago#3
@Stranger5150: You have more systems than I do, impressive! It's good to see there is another avid gamer such as myself. I'm sure you and I would get along just fine!

On topic, I'm glad I used the search function because I got to gold status and was wondering what gifts were available as Nintendo's site is currently down. I will watch this topic with interest as I am torn as well if those are the options.
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User Info: PrincessTsuki

3 years ago#4
Kid Icarus.

You deserve to suffer from the first level for only getting gold.
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